Thursday, March 31, 2011

March of Kindness wrap up..

So how did I do on Code Name Mama's March of kindness?? I didn't post about it all month.. but I was wondering of a way to post without going look at me! look at what I did!! I don't think that way about other people.. I don't.. If I see someone posting about their deeds I'm like woo hoo! But I am so critical of myself often that when it comes to me I think that way..  Like shussh Tanya no one wants to hear how wonderful you are haha.. I sometimes do refer to myself in the third person so what though.

Anyway.. How did I do?  I'm going to be honest when it came to reminding myself to be kind, to do random things.. I FAILED!  yup! I failed... 

I never really remembered to make a note of what I was doing, and I never really made a list of what I wanted to get done.

I suck right? well... not quite...

See Today, as I kicked my butt for not following through so I could have something decent to post I realized WTF!  I AM SO KIND!  I am! everyday I am!  I just don't think about it, and I think it was difficult for me to think about it or make a note of it because though hard to believe for someone who is just judging me by my ramblings.. I am freaking nice!  It's in my nature.. it comes so naturally to me that I don't think about it and thinking about it hurt my brain.. it's like telling someone to remember to breathe... WAIT! before you roll your eyes.. I'm no Mother Teresa..  I've been known to curse at other drivers, flip the bird at bank tellers who are mean, etc.. but that's what they're not good natured to begin with..

See I'm the kind of person who doesn't just complain about bad customer service, I actually go seek out a supervisor when someone  is super awesome and I let them know!  I open doors pick up dropped stuff.. return money to its owners.. help friends in need.. I'll take the shirt of my back even if it's got holes in it.

When it came to my family, I didn't think I was necessarily as kind but you know what.. I freaking ROCK!

I take care of my house
I take care of my kids
I take care of other people's kids
I breastfeed when the chubster demands it even though I don't feel like it half the time
I co-sleep and bed share
I research the best options for my kids
I never take a sick day (daytime kids) as a matter of fact I was working the day after giving birth
I tell my hubby I love him everyday (he does the same )
I handle the finances
I make all the annoying phone calls even though I hate it! (banks, cable etc)
I plan parties, get togethers, outings with the grandma

You get the picture... stuff that we all do and take for granted and others take for granted because it is expected of us because that's what a mom does.. but you know what??

Not everyone is like that.. There's sadly plenty of moms and dads who say they want kids yet the minute they have them they're a nuisance to them. There are  moms who are never home, who don't play with their kids.. who don't tell their spouses they love them..

So with this I learned something... We all need to be kind to OURSELVES once in a while and remember how much we rock!

As for out  the ordinary random acts.. this month I did manage to give up my closet so that my 5 year old could fit a twin bed in our small room and have a special nook for herself..

I took care of one of my daytime kids over the weekend so his mom could be in her best friend's wedding sans kid.,
I donated to Japan's disaster victims via the American red cross
I bought 2 whole network bracelets..
I donated to a friend's son's trike-a-thon benefiting St Jude's

and now I feel like I'm going yaay me.. it feels weird but you know what.. yaay me! and especially YAAY YOU!! you all rock!!!

It's cool to be kind!


  1. Heck yes! I was also kicking my butt for not posting enough about it this month (but in fairness I wrote had an entire post that was laboriously written on my cell phone eaten while it was uploading. That kinds killed my mood to rewrite the whole thing) I do nice things all the time as well and I'm trying to own that. I'm working on my wrap-up post tonight. On my cell phone. Wish me luck.

    Yay, you!

  2. And Yaaay you!!! I've tried writing from my phone and let me tell you kindness for my phone doesn't shine through.. I wanna chuck it against the wall! haha!

  3. You are a very kind mama, regardless of whether you updated us every day ;) All of those things are inspirational - thanks for taking part!!



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