Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Pillow Pals.. You Suck! ( A real review!)

Yeah.. they suck!  and it's so sad..  They did a great Job of Marketing this to the kids and My daughter was not the exception when she made it clear she wanted one.. she HAD to have one.. I was weary of getting her a pillow made out of the same material as a stuffed animal.. all I kept thinking was eww dust magnet.

But Grandma being a grandma.. Bought one for her last October for Christmas at her local Bed bath and Beyond. She did not make it to Christmas, she gave it to her immediately, she could not wait to see her granddaughter's face. Well my little girl was so excited!  She took it home and immediately that very same night.. a seam busted open.  I then sat there meticulously sewing the seam shut, and daughter went on her Merry way.. She has been sleeping with it since..  2 busted and fixed seams later, She threw up on it one night, The Hubby of course without thinking put it in the wash and the dryer only to find that seam spit all the way open and the stuffing came flying out. Lucky for my daughter I hoard crafting paraphernalia and had some new stuffing handy.. this time.. I zig-zag stitched the damn thing!

See, what buying made in China does? thing is these suckers weren't cheap!  You'd be better off buying the knock offs..

My kid's attached to this thing.. so I give them that. But Lesson learned... I wonder how much these people profited  out of disappointing so many kids and awful customer service.

Have you ever been sold a lemon toy?


  1. Glad u posted this cause I was seriously thinking about washing my son's pillowpet this weekend....... maybe i'll just spray it off with lysol instead!

  2. I loath that stupid pillow pet. Catelyn has one, thankfully she has lost interest in it, nor has she asked me for a different creature.
    At least you have bad ass skills to stitch it shut. I can stitch, but I would be redoing it like every hour. lol

  3. You can wash them Just put them inside of a pillow case :)

  4. the fabric on the face of daughter's has random holes in it like the fabric just fell apart. never washed it or anything.
    she has another which is peachy and son has one, and it's just fine, but hers is freaktastic and i'm going to have to hand darn the face.
    total crap.

  5. I guess we got lucky, our are great! My kids both got one last summer and no problems. I'be washed and dried both with no problems. They are still fluffy and soft and they use them every night. I got an original pillow pet, I noticed you posted pillow PAL so I'm wondering if they have different manufacturers. We got ours at hallmark and paid $23 each (ouch!!) but I've been happy with them.

  6. My daughter has a pillow pet and a pillow pal, they are not the same! pillow pet is actually bigger and better quality! Now she wants a happy napper... UGH!

  7. My older son has one (the puppy) he's been sleeping with it since Christmas and (surprise to me) it has held up just great and ...Wait I just saw the previous comment. We have a pillow pet, not pal. I highly recommend the pillow pet (ours came from Wallyworld)

  8. My daughter has the lady bug and yep...the first night she had it, it busted open.



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