Friday, March 4, 2011

5 years in Pictures..

Half a Decade! ;---haha that sounds like a long time. But it's not... it has gone by so fast..

5 years ago I  gave birth to you My little cheeky monkey.. It was not the birth I had hoped for but you were finally here and you were finally mine!

You came into our lives and you turned them upside down!
You turned us into people we couldn't even anticipate we'd become
You made us vulnerable
You made us humble
You made us caring
You made us responsible
You made us proud
You made us happy.
You taught us the world was a much bigger place.
You... our tiny little person, you did all of this.

The first year was full of milestones, sleepless nights, laughter, tears, joy and sorrow..
To see you grow so fast was not something we expected .... I knew once you turned 1 it would all be so fast.

don't worry that was not inside of a car.. chest clip at chest level bar down

AGE 1 You have always been so loved..

A Card from your grandpa
mmm cake!
My friends were your friends when you were too little to have your own :D
Your Second Cousins
Your first Pinata

All the presents you got!

When you learned How to walk.. 14 months.. you decided one day you would just get up and walk


AGe 4
SORRY! WE had no camera this year! but I promise you had a lovely birthday Tinker bell themed! and the rain stopped enough for you to have fun with your friends!

AGE 5. today....

5 years! I am blessed and honored to be your mom.. Today is bittersweet..
You are on your way to being a big kid!
You have your own likes and dislikes,
Your opinions
Your views of the world (as many as a 5 yr old's innocent mind has)

And I am happy in some way I shaped them, In some way I have preserved your innocence and your sense of sympathy towards others.

I am holding on to this day because I know and I hope many more will come.. but just like your other birthdays, none as special as this.. Every year of your life I am grateful, and every year of your life is a gift.

I am happy you chose me! you always make it a point to remind me that just as I wouldn't want any other you... you wouldn't want any other me.

I hope you had and will continue to have a super special day.. and the bst is yet to come my sweet child...

Thank you for teaching me how to be a mom, and I pray one day you'll teach me how to be a grandma.

Your Rockin' Momma!


  1. Oh this is so sweet. I love what you wrote for your little girl - beautiful. It also made me feel a bit sad too as my little girl is 2 and half and just growing soooooo fast - it's going in a flash. Ah well I will enjoy each moment.

  2. What a beautiful little girl and what a wonderful mommy she has! This post was so sweet! The video of her walking was precious! What a loving post. It brought tears to my eyes. She is lucky to have such a loving family and you are lucky to have such a precious daughter who loves you dearly. Beautiful words.......

  3. ok now I am ugly crying over here!!!! Beautiful post!



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