Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear Politicians..I have solved the budget crisis!

Your Job is to look out for the country right? to represent our interests, to make America the best country it can be. To make sure every one of its citizens rights is looked after, to preserve the peace, fight any threats and to rally people with like minded views to be represented.

I want to propose something to you,
Before you go on, redefining the term rape, overturning roe vs wade, figuring out how to spend more or less money let me tell you what you are overlooking.

MOMS! We are a powerful resource, instrument and revenue in this economy.

Here are a few things I would love to see changed: by the way in doing so I managed to save you a big chunk of money. You can thank me later.


I would like the DHS regulate unnecessary interventions and hospital practices in regards to laboring women. I would love the pressure to reduce c-section rates particularly for those covered under Medicaid. 
I would love to see incentives given to women to participate in natural birth classes while under Medicare, to be encouraged to deliver with the aide of a midwife or a birthing center.  Incentives can be in the form of extended maternity leave pay, food vouchers, etc. <--we can get creative and I'll tell you why..

You'd still be saving money!

Medicaid pays for over one-third of all births in the United States each year and provides health coverage to one in every four American children.

According to baby center there are approximately 4 million babies born in the U.S each year.

If Medicaid pays for over one third lets assume they pay for 1.5 million births. The Federal government matches each state for each dollar they spend.

A typical vaginal delivery costs between $9,000 to $17,000
A typical c-section  $14,000 to $25,000
A midwife 2000 to 4000

Do you see where I'm getting at? Can you do the Math?  we could potentially cut that spending in half! In State and federal levels!

While you're at it can you make it so I don't have to pay in advance for my midwife and wait 1 yr before my insurance refunds me 50% of it?  Thanks.

Maternity leave and Breastfeeding and public health

Let me flat out tell you 6 weeks is a joke!
We know flat out that Human milk should be for human babies, that breast milk helps prevent, diseases, obesity, cancer etc.. 
However there is a magical yet inconvenient < -- when you only have 6 weeks. Event that happens at the baby's 6 th week. A growth spurt!  During that event baby needs to be nursing constantly to increase and stabilize the mother's supply.
You have no idea how stressing it is to go back to work only to be overwhelmed by unstabilized hormones, a still changing body and on top of that find that you cannot pump enough milk to provide the babysitter with to feed your child.  Things quickly go on a downward spiral and this is the time a lot of women either, switch to formula, or quit their jobs thus cutting their income in half (in situations where both parents are involved) and more often than not rely on public assistance to make ends meet.

If given the opportunity to have a decent amount of leave even 6 months, the difference could be great!  Healthier children cutting down on health care costs,  Less formula use for WIC women, and perhaps less women leaving the workforce.

Greener incentives

I'd also love to see incentives like tax breaks for people who cloth diaper. Why? Because of the impact this would have on the landfill.  We know in a world where big corporations rule this will be a tough one.. I do not think Pampers and Huggies would be too much of a fan of this as it would put a tiny damper on its production costs.. but consider this? Already there are people stretching out the use of their diapers, they say so themselves on their every little bottom campaign.  Perhaps they should step into the more greener alternatives.

With this I would also love to propose that daycare centers who receive payment from government subsidies be forbidden from denying cloth diapers. A mom can provide a wet bag, and the provider can turn it in at the end of the day. FECAL matter is supposed to be flushed anyway! It says so on disposable diapers! I know  nobody does this!

Buying American incentives.

American made means American jobs period!  We need to stop supporting China's economy in our search for cheap! The economy is bad but if we made purchases like for example.. a car seat.. every baby needs one right? Lets buy American!  Baby products.. lets buy American!  I think if we got a lower sales tax on American items it would make the world of difference.. people would start looking to buy American products to save some money.. and the people who don't want to bother can still pay the regular tax.

I like my ideas... I know in theory they sound good.. and perhaps they might be unrealistic to some but this is what we need.. ideas!  what the politicians are doing right now arguing back and forth putting us more into debt is not working obviously... We need to brainstorm! make changes! raise our mommy activists fists and demand change!

What are your ideas? If you would like to write about this I propose a blog carnival! Head on over to Instinctual Mamas right now to read more about it and participate!

"The American Mother's Impact on the economy"
(an underrated contender)



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