Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Boob-anator 3000

Tired of a cranky Gassy baby?

Not Getting enough sleep at night?

Sick an Tired of all those filthy bottles?

Then Look no further! (than your chest)...


It feeds!
It comforts!
It prevents ailments such as:

The flu
Ear infections
multiple sclerosis

and much more!!!!

But wait We don't have to stop here! Order today and you could burn up to 500 calories per day!

The Boob-anator 3000 comes with a lifetime warranty and you can use it however, whenever and wherever you are!  It's a convertible device as well it's good for kids and fun for adults!

The Boob- anator 3000 comes with a money back guarantee as well!  You don't risk anything to try! The more you use it the more benefits you get!  Yes it is that amazing!

Other Boob-anator  impostors can cost you $100-$180 a month

And provide you none of the benefits!

The Boob-Anator 3000 costs not

not even

The Boob-anator 3000 is $0! The accessories are optional but not necessary!

Yes.. you heard right! this amazing device is $0!

WHILE SUPPILES LAST! ORDER TODAY AND YOU GET 2 FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! That's right! 2 for the price of 1! Excellent for multiple babies, tandem nursing.. or just really hungry  little ones!

And that is STILL not all!  Order today and you can get customer service 24/7  with caring staff at
La Leche League
Best For Babes
The Leaky boob

Get Plenty of sleep, no bottles to wash, no getting up to prepare bottles, it is portable, self cleaning,  double functional..

What are you waiting for!

Order now!

Millions of Happy Customers Can't be wrong!

Just read  some of the reviews!

 "I thought at first that this product wouldn't perform adequately because of it's size, but I found that it expanded easily, and produced more than enough. It was easy to use and just as described. There is a bit of a learning curve, but after the first two weeks of use, it was a breeze. Highly recommend!" - Paula T.

"Made for moms on the go! I am a busy mom with lots to do and the Boob-anator 3000 product was a real time saver for my family. I love how they come in a beautiful and practical set and are always ready to go. The way they calm my baby is ...amazing. I am more than satisfied with the results that the Boob-anator 3000 has had on my babies weight gain and development. As a busy mom on the go I want to thank you for your innovative and life changing product" - Elizabeth H.

"Toddler cure-all, instant nap-inducer, high quality, unbeatable price. Excellent customer service, almost instant delivery. Automatic night feeding system is much more convenient than bottles. Your child will have an open buffet at his fingertips and you can just keep sleeping! 5 stars, Highly recommend! " - Molly U.

"This product helped me bond with my baby! It also kept post partum depression away that I experienced with my first, who was bottle fed." - Momma to 2 boys.


  1. Amazing post!! I so want to steal every word and publish it on every tv station!!! lol

    SO TRUE!!!!!!!!

  2. You should mention that since it ALWAYS comes in a convenient two-pack it even works well for moms of twins! :)

  3. awesome!!! i passed this along.

  4. Love this! You rock! Sharing too :)

  5. This is great! Can't wait to share :)

  6. Such a cute post! Thank you for the laugh!

  7. This post is awesome. That is all.

  8. I don't think there are words enough as to how much I love this post!!! :) And when I think of "Boob-anator" It makes me think of Phineas and Ferb, Professor Doofenschmirtz and how everything he creates is an 'anator' I am such a geek... :) Rock on momma!

  9. I love this! Thanks so much for a great laugh this morning :-)

  10. Wow contact WIC to get this published in a flyer !! I am serious you know how much state funds go on formula ?!!

  11. I love how the convenient carrying case makes them impossible to misplace!

  12. I think I have the Boob-anaotor 1000 model, but it still works perfectly. ;)



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