Friday, March 18, 2011

This Moment.. "Complete Relief"

I am participating on The Leaky Boob's "This Moment" Fridays.. (It's like Wordless Wednesday but on Fridays) I love the idea because she mentioned it makes you "look" for those moments that easily escape us and we'll never get back.  

This Moment... "Complete relief"  our little sea Monkey is growing :)

Looks like Placenta is on the right meaning left.. another baby girl? who knows.. I sure hope so! Girls Rule!

Link your  moments on the comments if you want to participate I'd love to see yours!  


  1. Squee!! Congratulations on your little monkey!

    you can see my moment here: and feel free to leave yours there, too. <3

  2. OH I remember that feeling! I loved seeing that my girl was what a baby was supposed to look like in there when I had an ultrasound, totally relief! You're giving me baby fever!

  3. Congratulations, mama! That is some sweet relief



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