Monday, March 21, 2011

What a difference 1 year makes!

I remember when 1 year seemed like a long time to me...  Now it seems like a blink of an eye.  I think this is why I like New Year's Eve.. I get to look back on my year and wonder what the new year will bring.
Well.. today I am reflecting on a year from March 21st 2010 to March 21st 2011.

Dear Silly girl:

A year ago at this very moment I was exhausted! You were born at 1:15am and the midwives didn't leave til 4am.  We got little sleep but  I was so happy!  We were about to embark on our breastfeeding journey as well ... I cannot believe today marks our 1 year breastfeeding milestone! Something that never happened  with your sister unfortunately.. but thanks to her I learned to become a better mom.

We found out you had Tongue tie but that didn't stop us! We figured a way to nurse without having to touch your frenulum. It worked for us!  We have been through a roller coaster of breastfeeding, mastitis, colds (few of them thankfully) teething, venturing into cloth diapering. (I love your fluffy bottom!)

You have been teaching me so much as well...  You are such a funny, silly, smart, enthusiastic, baby!  You taught me that indeed.. I could love another child of mine just as much as my first.. I love you SOOOOOO much I cannot imagine life without you.. you fit into our family so perfectly as if you were always here.. you were meant to be!  You made my heart grow that much bigger...

Yesterday we finally planted the placenta that connected us, some people would find that weird but not to us.. Your daddy, your sister.. your grandma and auntie were there with us..

We planted it in your grandma's garden on the house where you were born.. under the big lemon tree we all love so much.. (It's our favorite fruit!) You'll soon learn we put lemon on everything!

We closed the hole and placed the stork back on top of it.. and then we realized how appropriate that the stork is guarding the placenta.

We said some words  we gave thanks that you have grown healthy and strong this past year, we wished that the placenta gave its nutrients back to the earth and make that lemon tree grow healthy.. because when life gives you lemons.. we make margaritas!  (yeah that's how your crazy family rolls!)

And I think you'll find yourself lucky to be part of us... We'll always take care of you and love you! Your grandmas will always spoil you rotten!

And so we celebrated!  You got the Head of the table...

We sang Happy Birthday to you!
And you had some cake... which you absolutely loved!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  Here's to Many Many Many more!  We love you soooo much!

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  1. What a great post! What a beautiful thing to do with the placenta. I've heard of others doing it, but I did not know about when I gave birth.

    Your little angel is precious!
    Happy Birthday to her!



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