Ahh.. you're curious huh? I imagine either

A) You're wondering who the arrogant bitch that just royally pissed you off is all about or looks like.. who the hell does she think she is?...

B) You're wondering who the awesome insightful chick you totally agree with is all about or looks like ... I wonder if we have more in common..

C) You landed here on accident.

Either way here's the deal...

I'm not a spring chicken... not a autumn one either.. err that leaves me with summer huh?
I'm rocking the 30's now since summer 2010,  with this age comes a blessing and a curse...
I know more than the average 20 something.. but ALAS I know enough to know.. that I know nothing!

Yep I know nothing! it's a good thing really.. makes me humble enough to open my mind to new information, yet feisty enough to get stuck in my ways if needed. What?? dairy bad for you?? I know nothing!!! (chomps on her block of cheese)

I you're 20 and you're like hey! I am smart! I know more than my peers! congratulations.. call me when you're 30...  If you're 40 heck I'll call YOU when I'm 40...  thing is.. we constantly learn, we may be smart cookies but this isn't our full potential, we don't know everything there is much more to be found out..

AND that my friends applies to everyone, yes.. even Doctor's, scientists, inventors, politicians, organizations, presidents, they might have degrees telling them they are savvy in a field the average Joe isn't but they still know nothing!  Do I have to listen to my DR telling me the flu vaccine is safe just because he has a degree and I don't? No sir, I don't ..because they themselves cannot tell me in writing 100% and take liability,, they know better!.  Do you have to listen to me? Of course not! Who cares what I say!  I am just an average mom, rambling about what I have learned, typing with one hand while holding my baby with the other as she nurses, with awful grammar and run on sentences.. my English teacher would be crying.. but then again she'd be happy I am writing period!

Did I piss you off in one of my posts? good! maybe I got you thinking.. maybe not.. but I got a reaction out of you good or bad.. you're certainly not exempt from pissing people off yourself once in a while I am sure.. but you know what.. Don't listen to me if you don't want to! Move on ..do your thing! but above all be comfortable with your choices.. comfortable enough that other people who feel the same way I do, don't even get a reaction from you anymore. Who knows maybe we'll go away!  *wink

Did you like what you read? Awesome! Spread the word! Tell me about yourself! if we're messing up like other people think we are.. at least we'll have each other right?

Anyway.. About me...

How about you make your own conclusion.. if you hate me, you can pretend I am a horrible mom who only writes about what she writes because I have nothing better to do and I neglect my kids because I am on the computer so much..

If you like me  you can picture me as a mom who wants to reach out to other like minded moms and convert others  along the way.. I'm a mom  JUST LIKE YOU! *aww

If you're indifferent.. how did you make it this far reading?? hehe...

Either way.. Go to my facebook interact! I'm not so bad really.. or am I??


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