Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Claire didn't produce enough milk.

I want to write this for you first time moms who want to breastfeed.

Meet Claire.. She is a first time mom, very excited about her baby, she has researched and knows breastfeeding is the best for the baby and so she plans to breastfeed she bought no bottles she bought a pump. She was set.. or so she thought.

Claire went to birth classes where they covered breastfeeding, they told her abut proper latch and they gave her a couple of resources and she felt confident.  Baby finally arrived and at the hospital, a lactation consultant came to visit, she showed her the  proper latch and a couple of holding techniques, she then referred her to the store inside the hospital where she could get the latest breastfeeding gear.  Baby Had a bit of Jaundice so they told her the only way to discharge her was until they cleared baby this meant a bit of formula which in no way would interfere with her breastfeeding it would just speed up the process  until her milk came in.

Finally the day came to go home she was excited, elated, relieved but very tired, before leaving the hospital they made her sign papers. and follow protocol and they gave her instructions to every 2 hours change baby's diaper and feed baby, she nodded and the new family went on their merry way. Finally home, she settled in her comfy chair with baby, She took a nap baby was exhausted too and sleeping away. Family started showing up, Claire took a shower and ate, baby finally woke and baby started rooting for a nipple, Daddy changed the diaper first as this is what the hospital told them to do and then swaddle baby by the time Claire got baby to breast baby was screaming and restless..  Baby was so upset he couldn't  settle down enough to latch on. Grandma took baby and tried to calm him down, Claire becomes stressed  emotional, she takes baby back and baby was still upset she became more and more stressed.. why did this work so easily at the hospital and not here?  baby fell back asleep. Claire worries but she let him sleep maybe next time he'll eat.  Visitors left and baby woke up again.. this time screaming as he had not eaten in a while.. Claire changed his diaper and tried once more to latch on and he latched on.. and then he screamed.. he latches on again and then he screamed.  Claire worried he had not eaten said .. say forget this!  it's more important that he eats something so she  remembered the nice nurse packed a couple of  ready to use formula bottles in her bag  so Claire gave in.. .. just an ounce.. enough to fill his belly and calm him down..  just a small ounce that's nothing ! Che put him back to breast and he latched on and then unlatched because he had fallen asleep, huge smile on his face.. full, content.  Claire breathed a sigh of relief  Claire is sure next time all will be well.

3 hours later baby is still asleep, he was so full with the formula that he was still sleeping away but the nurse told them to not let baby go more than 3 hours without feeding him so they wake him up change is diaper and latch him on.. baby was so sleepy he suckled a couple of times and fell back asleep.  They all decide to go to sleep. In the Middle of the night baby starts crying and screaming, he's hungry again.. tired the parents decide they will deal with the breastfeeding in the morning and they give baby another ounce of formula, baby drinks an ounce.. spits up half and falls back asleep.  This time he doesn't stay asleep long, an hour later he wakes up screaming! Claire tries to latch him and feels like a failure when this doesn't work.. she starts crying and her husband hates seeing her so upset, he tells her to go to sleep and he'll take care of the baby, Claire nods goes to sleep crying and the well meaning husband takes the baby out of the room changes his diaper feeds him a bottle rocks him to sleep and all is well until the morning. 

Claire wakes up changes baby latches him on and it works!  baby seems to get it! Yaay! baby nurses 15 minutes on her right breast and he falls asleep.  Claire is sure they're on the right track..  baby  is awake for a bit and happy and 30 minutes later he's sucking on his fist.. rooting,  everyone thinks it's so cute.. he then cries.. no one thinks to feed him as they eat every 2 hours.. it's too soon!   they rock him to sleep. He wakes up again hungry upset..  so the cycle of supplementing begins again...

Claire's milk comes in she breastfeeds and "supplements" with formula eventually this turns into formula feeding supplemented by breastfeeding and then it is completely formula feeding.  Claire doesn't know what happened.. she never produced enough milk for her baby and then it dried up. Baby was always hungry and she was not able to keep up.  She tried the best she could but to this day she doesn't know what happened.. she sees women talking about breastfeeding online and she wonders why she couldn't. She becomes enraged when she sees women saying formula is inferior she reminds them not everyone is as lucky and that she herself tried and just couldn't produce milk.  She doesn't know what happened.

This is a VERY typical story.. there are many obstacles  for a woman that can sabotage breastfeeding but this one is a very common yet very preventable reason.

Actual inability to produce enough milk is rare, with studies showing that mothers from developing countries who are experiencing nutritional hardship still produce similar amounts of milk of similar quality to mothers in developed countries.[8] There are many reasons a mother may not produce enough breast milk. Some of the most common are an improper latch (i.e. the baby does not connect efficiently with the nipple), not nursing or pumping enough to meet supply, certain medications (including estrogen-containing hormonal contraceptives), illness, and dehydration. A rarer reason is Sheehan's syndrome, also known as postpartum hypopituitarism, which is associated with prolactin deficiency; this syndrome may require hormone replacement - Wikipedia.

What Happened to Claire is that she was sabotaged from the beginning, the introduction to formula even though it was a small amount was a huge factor. Everytime formula is used and baby is not on breast it is a missed opportunity to signal to your body to produce milk.  The production of human milk works on a supply and demand basis.. the more baby asks for it in the form of nursing at the breast, the more your body produces to meet such demands.. If your baby is not at the breast your body will not know it is needed.  It will make less and less milk until it is gone. 

Another Factor in Claire's sabotaged breastfeeding is the schedule!  Hospitals often tell people that baby needs to eat every 2-3 hours and to change the diaper before,  When a baby wants to nurse that's the time to feed them, when baby starts rooting and looking for that nipple that is when they should get, it.. if baby is made to wait in order to get a diaper change or meet a schedule then baby will start crying and by then you have waited too long! Baby Can potentially become hysterical and not want to latch on. The diaper change can wait.

If you feed baby on demand and put baby at breast often, chances are you will be successful.  Also wait as much as possible before pumping,  the first 6 weeks are crucial in establishing milk supply, if you have to go back to work and there is any way that you can prolong your leave please do so.. After your milk has been established then pump and keep in mind that the ounces on the bottle are not indicative of the ounces baby is actually eating, if you are worried about baby eating enough seek some help.  Also remember before your milk comes in the baby's tummy is smaller than a marble so they don't need much.. the colostrum you are making will be perfect even half an ounce of formula is too much for them!

Most important ASK for Help!

You can find a lot of support online

The Leaky Boob
Best for Babes
Instinctual Mamas

You can even contact me!  I am no expert but if you want me to help in any way I can or look for some resources for you I will gladly do so.

You are not alone in this!  You can do it!  It gets easier!

A successful breastfeeding momma (the second time around!)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why gringos celebrate cinco de Mayo.

It's that time of year!  Just like on St Patrick's day when everyone is Irish (even though St Patrick wasn't)  the fifth of May or Cinco de Mayo.. Everyone's Mexican!   People do their best to make something "Mexican" to eat, drink Cuervo and Coronas (cuz we all know that's as Mexican as you can get haha ) and wear huge sombreros..  and If you're a college kid well you do all that in excess of course Woo Drinko de Mayo!

What a way to celebrate ... wait.. what are we celebrating? Is it..

Mexican Independence day?  Nope
Mexican Revolution?  Nope
Mexican flag day? Nope
Mexicans day?  ha ha.

Let me tell you why gringos celebrate 5 de Mayo, because yes as a Mexican born in the U.S but raised in Mexico I can tell you, Mexicans don't celebrate that day. They Observe it much like Martin Luther king day is observed, kids in schools get a history lesson on what happened that day and the people playing a part in it  but there are no  parties and no drinking binges.

It would be safe to say that Cinco de Mayo is an American holiday. La Batalla de Puebla  (battle of Puebla) was won that day, the French were to invade Mexico and some say the  ultimate motive was to break the union up and help the confederacy during the civil war which was happening at the time in the U.S. Napoleon III was already helping the confederate rebels and well Those Machete carrying indios you could say.. stopped Napoleon from supplying help to the confederates for another year by defeating the french and thus could most likely be a huge reason the civil war ended.  Ah Mexicans.. always doing the dirty work!

So this fifth of May,  sure eat some Mexican cuisine, drink a beer (can I recommend Negra Modelo) and maybe some Tequila (Don Julio is awesome)  but think about how regardless of your views on immigration those neighbors from the south are friends.  When the nation's  faced tragedy like 911 or Katrina , Mexico has always had their peaceful army ready to go and supply aide. When Americans have wanted a vacation in paradise at a low cost.. Mexico welcomes them with open arms no visa needed (except for the one the U.S makes you get now grr) . Let go of your prejudices for one day and learn something about the rich culture, traditions and color of Mexico.

And if you didn't know what cinco de Mayo was.. now you know.  

This Post was written for Bicultural Mom's Multicultural Awareness Blog Carnival! Which will be Published May 2nd 2011   :)


Monday, April 18, 2011

My Journey to tandem nursing. part 1

So Baby #3 is rocking the uterus as I type..  I love this babe already of course.. and little does this fetus know how lucky he/she is  for letting me mess up 2 kids before his/her arrival.  Well I mainly messed up with DD#1  I rocked the parenting stuff with DD#2  .. but there's always room for improvement. 

So my plan is to rock the boob all throughout this pregnancy thus keeping the insatiable one DD#2 happy .. and rock the double feature on my rack when Kidlet #3 arrives.

Now, when I imagined my future as a mom I didn't picture kids attached to me at the chest.. I really didn't I didn't really know what to expect and I certainly did not expect to be nursing 2 but so far that's the plan.                                                                                                  

Though this certainly gives one bragging rights I'm not gonna lie and it gets you into the tandem nursing club,  {haha I can totally see someone reading that hanging onto that sentence and going SEE I TOLD YOU! these bitches only do this crap for bragging rights (ah hyuch!)}  I'm doing this because the chubster isn't near done..  if she were done now I'd be more than happy to get a break from the little suckling but:

photo by paiphotography.com
1. She's not done!  She still needs me to comfort herself to sleep, to get her drink on at night, to snack and to occasionally say hey .. you still there? Gimme some boobie love if you got a minute.  And well.. she's boss!  Not like it's like this forever!  besides I can use this as guilt tripping ammo in the future..  "what do you mean you want to go to move to another state? BUT I Nursed you for X years!! Why???"

2. In a way I feel like I am maximizing the amount of babying I can give her.. DD#1 had a good 4 years of being the center of our universe and poor DD#2 will only get 19 months.. It's the least I can do AND I want her to feel included so I want to baby her along with the baby because well.. she'll still be a baby.. a toddler baby.

3. My goal originally was a year, that went quick.. then I learned the WHO says 2 years and well who am I to argue with the WHO..   haha..

And well... this decision has needed me to do some research.  Ahh the boring part of every blog where the statistics and facts are listed..  but wait don't skip to the bottom I'm not gonna bore you with facts and stats.. I'm gonna answer some questions I had.. that well other people probably do too whether they are looking into tandem/pregnancy nursing or have family members asking about it.  I know my mom asked me how in the world the baby would get colostrum... so here it goes. 

Is it dangerous? Will it suck you dry? Will it rob fetus of nutrients? Will you miscarry.

The answer is No.
If your pregnancy is relatively normal, and you're eating right, taking care of yourself you should be fine and both babies will still be getting what they need

Will my milk change?

Yes, temporarily for many the supply will decrease, the milk will switch to colostrum at the end of the pregnancy and before your regular super milk comes back.  The Milk might change in taste and some babies wont mind though some could..

Will my older baby drink all the new baby's colostrum?

No, Your body is wise.. your older baby cannot "use up" all the colostrum and will have no choice but to enjoy it until little brother or sister gets its benefits and your body says to make regular milk.   The only thing is older baby might get looser stools while drinking colostrum depending on frequency of nursing but will go back to normal once milk comes in.  

Will I make enough for both?

Of course! Our bodies are super awesome and they will adjust to the increased demand..  with persistence and practice you'll be a milk factory in no time! :)

And well.. those were the questions I had to look up so far.. But this is not my only post on the subject.. I am sure I have a lot to learn on the subject and so far so good..

My only complaints were in the first couple of weeks Nursing felt like sandpaper on the good ol' nips.. but after a while it went away..  and it is certainly easier to feel touched out nowadays most likely due to hormones and such.

Stay tuned for more on the subject..  Did you nurse through pregnancy? what was your experience? Any advice for a novice? :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

You know what really Grinds my Gears?

Ever Watch the episode of family guy where they give Peter a spot on the local news telling people what pisses him off? Yeah... this is something similar. ... enjoy my rant.. or laugh at/with it..or not..

You Know what really Grinds my Gears?..

The word Hypocrisy, I bet you a hypocrite came up with that one,  you know the saying "it takes one to know one"?
Hypocrisy is an unconscious self-contradiction: a state of incongruence between one's professed beliefs and feelings and one's actual beliefs and feelings, or an application of a criticism to others that one does not apply to oneself.

See an unconscious self-contradiction well we all do those, thought we do them unconsciously so we don't even realize it, it takes some righteous a-hole to point this out to you for you to realize.
Take for instance the dieter who announces to the world they are better than you because they're eating a salad.. but unknown to them the dressing has a million calories, until someone points it out..Boo!!!!

A state of incongruence between one's professed beliefs and feelings and one's actual beliefs and feelings, kinda like cloth diapering if you're a fluff addict like me, you probably rant and rave about how awesome they are but you might whine everytime you have to change a poopie diaper.

See we're all hypocrites in one way or another.. but the most dreaded kind.. the kind that grinds my gears:

An application of a criticism to others that one does not apply to oneself.
(Insert your example here)  We all know someone, some group, some example of this..  I wont make one because I'd offend a bunch of people lol.. I'd rather not.  But yeah.. if you fit here you grind my gears!

Politicians and Election time

You know, with age I have become more and more cynical when it comes to politics I'm neither right nor left blue nor red. I'm a third party voter  I am sick and tired of the never ending conservative vs liberal merry go round that gets us nowhere!  I blame both equally!  They both sicken me, they both don't get anything done!  It seemed like yesterday it was 2008 and the country was all about "hope" now that hope has turned to blame.  The thought of 2012 and a new election year churns my stomach, Can I just fast forward that part and get it over with?  I'm tired of people fighting among themselves, whining and complaining, yet voting for the same douche bags.  *le sigh!

People who make a point to tell you their education in order for you to somehow acknowledge or validate their opinion. When it comes to parenting, I don't care if you're a rocket scientist, the playing field is leveled. Jr high school could be all the education you have  and you can be a genius when it comes to parenting  and I know plenty of Dr's (pediatricians to be exact) who I feel bad for their kids.  I know a couple of moms with older kids who I consider parenting gurus because their children are well rounded educated, amazing human beings. Those are the ones whose advise I want and respect!
People that tell you how to parent when either A) they don't have kids or B) Their only real experience is a baby.  No, babysitting older children doesn't count.. living, inhaling and living with your own kid 24/7 is what counts.. remember kids only mess with their own parents. I don't write about parenting anyone older than 5 because I have no freaking clue!  I would just totally make people laugh, or irritated depending on their sense of humor.
anyway there's my rant for right now..
What grinds YOUR gears?  If it's me it's ok.. the feeling is mutual.. just kidding I know I grind people's gears sometimes.. no one is exempt from annoying others, we're all annoying roomates in this here earth. So do tell... what grinds your gears? Go for it.. Vent!

Credit where credit is due.

I was recently having a conversation with a friend at my house and I was telling her about how having kiddos was like, I mentioned something to the lines of.. "I am the mom that I am thanks to my husband's help"  Funny because I realized that the moment I said it.

If I didn't have my husband's help, If I were a single mom, If I were a military mom, you bet your sweet heiny that things would be different. I could not sit here preaching about being a "gentle parent"  To me it would be impossible..  I have a temper.. I have anger issues.. I get frustrated easily,  Yelling to me is like breathing sometimes.. I don't even think I'm doing it and I am..  Now don't worry I got most of it under control, on most days..  and my daytime kids never really bring this out of me they're perfect angels because I'm not their mom..  Yeah.. kids only seem to mess with their own parental units.

photo by paiphotography.com
But there's times when I get so frustrated (mainly with the 5 yr old) and that's when the hubby comes to rescue me.. he takes on the task of entertaining and calming down the bubbly  insatiable one..  She is such a bossy, hyper, demanding, drama queen,  yeah yeah good traits  she's not a bad kid.. but after 12 consecutive hours it can sort of become nails on a chalkboard.  The Urge to scream arises like a scene from the incredible hulk.  I want to yell "shut up" "stop that" "why won't you listen to me!!" "go away!"  I don't...  instead I let a huge *sigh and tell her ok can you wait? Daddy's coming home soon.  And then I consider curling into the fetal position on the bathroom floor and crying.  Ahh Parenting not for the weak! not at all!  If you only have a baby at home.. you think the terrible 2's are something to fear? no.. that's nothing.. I'll take the terrible 2's a million times over the furious five's   at least when they are the "terrible 2's" you know the problem is them not having the ability to communicate effectively.. when they're 5 the problem is they got you all figured out.. they got a mind of their own.. and just like you can't change the mind of other adults sometimes you can't change the mind of a 5 yr old either.. unless there's ice cream involved.. but you can only resort to that during emergencies.

I do sometimes like her feistyness.. if a stranger, family member dared questioned my parenting and called her a brat.. I'd be quick to say my child is witty, strong willed and Lucky to be able to express herself freely  and I'd accompany that with my tongue sticking out at them.    But in reality it's difficult.. but I didn't get into the parenting rollercoaster to have a boring easy ride did I? I didn't know what I was getting myself into but I knew it wasn't going to be easy and I knew I really wanted to do it.. I just happen to scream in horror every once in a while when the rollercoaster looks like it's going to take a turn for impending doom..  then I laugh when I realize I made it.Doesn't mean I want off nor that I'm gonna just close my eyes the rest of the way.


Back to what the point was..  I am grateful that my husband helps.. I think we make a perfect team.. Together we may not make ":super parent" but we help each other up when the other one's down.. We carry each other when we can't walk anymore.  And there's always teaming up against the wretched 5 yr old.. when we both say no all hell breaks loose and well.. at least then we can laugh about it..

But I don't just want to sit here and brag about my awesome life partner ..partner in life...

I want to send a shout out to all single moms, married moms who are like single moms (for one reason or another sometimes it can be work, sometimes it can be just the way things are) Military moms..  Who still manage to be gentle parents..

You all rock my socks.. I don't know how you do it.. I'm a Pansy!  And you deserve acknowledgement for riding this rollercoaster in the front seat with the bollocks that you have!

Much love! <3

A gentle mom with help.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The "Good Baby" Secret*

Tired of a cry baby? 

Cries in the morning, cries in the afternoon, cries at night.. cries while you're on the phone.. cries when you're on the computer.. cries when you want to eat, cries when you're there, cries when you're not, cries at restaurants, cries at the park,cries at the store, cries in the car, cries on the plane, cries at church, cries at grandma's, cries when you're trying to talk to another adult, cries when you're trying to talk to other children....

and most important.. cries when it's the most inconvenient for you!!

Then you must have a "bad baby"! but don't worry...

From The Makers of the Boob-anator 3000 comes.. "The Good Baby Secret" Book!

All those parenting books are full of useless information.. and frankly who has time to read them?

The "Good Baby Secret"  is so effective you will have baby the same day you read it .. You read right.. THE SAME DAY! or your money back!

Other parenting books will cost you  up to $40 dollars!
The Good Baby secret book will cost you not

not even
you will get the secret for
0 yes!!
we were able to match the boob-anator 3000's prize we here at Instincts INC  know how to bring you the best deals!

How could we do it.. well the book is only 1 page!!  how highly convenient..  in fact we decided to save some trees and just GIVE you the information.. for free!! and for an unlimited time here it is..

are you ready?


Yup that is it!

If your baby cries meet their needs! Pick them up, change their diaper, feed them, hold them, rock them, play with them your baby will stop crying immediately!


But what if my baby becomes to needy?
All babies are needy.. they're babies! they need you!

Aren't you supposed to train them to be independent, sleep on their own? self soothe?
Independence, self soothing is a skill learned later in life when they're babies their survival depends on crying to get their needs met.. ignoring their cries will only create more crying, stress for both of you and it doesn't really work because it is not something you're supposed to do so early on.

My grandmother says if I pick him up every time he cries I will spoil him.
You can't spoil a child by meeting his needs.. a baby is too young to manipulate you with his cries.. if they cry it is to communicate that something is wrong.  Read more on spoiling here

Our Happy Customers cannot be wrong!!

And here are some more testimonials from parents of  "Good babies" !

" I think that all of my kids were happy baby's because their needs were met, My son was a high needs baby though so to others he may have appeared needy and "not good" but as long as I was holding him/nursing him he was happy, he just wanted that 24/7 and didn't want anyone else to hold him. Not even daddy for the first 6 months, that high needs were difficult at times, In the moment they seemed to drag on forever but looking back they went in the blink of an eye and I often miss my cuddly little boy" Christy R- Mother of 4 and a "high needs" baby now a  happy 5 yr old .

"I get it all the time that both my kids are "good babies". I'm going to just say it's because my husband and I treat them with respect, always show them love, and are overall a very close family." Megan S.

"We get told we have a "good baby"  often, especially at daycare and in restaurants! We just shower her with love and try our best to keep her happy and smiling. Plus, she's just good-natured anyway and rarely cries (in public, anyway!). Shakeeta W.

I credit my "good" baby to "attachment parenting. babywearing, lots of holding/cuddling, responsive to baby's cries, co-sleeping, etc" Amber W

"I have two 'good babies' they have all of their needs met, so they are happy as a clam" Melissa T

"I get that all the time. Even random strangers come up to us and tell us that. I'm not sure why she's that way, I just say it's because she's super cool. We do breastfeed, babywear, co-sleep (though we're gently trying to move her to her own... bed-still in our room), lots of cuddles, giggles, kisses, no CIO, trying to be as gentle and respectful as I can. I've tried to respond to her needs quickly. I don't know if she'd be the same if I didn't do those things. I feel very connected to her-I did even before she was born." Kristy K.

"As an infant & toddler, her needs were met as immediately as possible or I used a proactive approach by preventing potential issues via breastfeeing, babywearing, cosleeping & learning ASL together. As a preshooler we continued proactive measures, I modeled respect & caring. She is 9 yrs old now & while she saves her worst moments for me I know it's because she feels safe enough with me to do so. Family, friends & strangers have always had wonderful things to say about her" Tiff B.

Call Today!!!  1-800 HPY BABY  Your baby is standing by!...

*Note from Author.

There are no "good" nor "bad" babies, when babies cry it is because they need you! this is their survival mechanism.. Mammal babies rely on their mothers to survive, When a baby cries the reason we feel uneasy is because our instinct is telling us to help our young, please listen to your instinct and pick your baby up, love them nurture them as you do but most important do not fall for the misconception that a baby can be spoiled or manipulate you. Some babies are higher needs than others and the task of caring for them can sometimes be overwhelming, Asking for help, in order to fulfill their needs as best as possible is a good thing. Sure there are times when it is almost impossible to get to your baby right away especially when you have other children to care for but letting your baby know that you're there, wearing your baby, holding your baby can be a great tool to comfort him as best you can.    The post was meant to be taken lightheartedly and in no way means to offend anyone especially those with high needs children, .  Thanks for reading.

Friday, April 1, 2011

There's a "Hide" button.. feel free to use it.

Ever watch Mtv's the real world? They throw a bunch of people to live together from different backgrounds, throw some alcohol in the mix and film the trainwreck?

FB is sort of like that...  It's like we all live together on an hmtl world and depending on your level of sharing pretty much us minus the physical body are in there.. our activities,past, present,thoughts.. Sometimes it's pleasant sometimes it can be annoying..

This post was inspired by a post on the page Jamie White, Mornings on 106.5 The Buzz
 It said "‎85% of women are annoyed by their fb friends, what is your most annoying fb friend all about?"  Some of the responses were funny and all too familiar!

Here are some  responses:

"Every move they make gets posted, every thing they watch on tv gets posted...everytime they are running errands it gets posted. Updates on their doctor appointments is posted...need I say more?"

"the friends who vent too much-to the point of publicly humiliating themselves...they're their own worst enemies = /"

"I hate when people "check in" to places. I don't care where you are!! "

" i have two..one wont shut up about her daughter....always always about the things her 6 yrs old does..i get it u love your daughter."

" People that post pictures of the food they made or are about to eat. Nobody cares what your sautéed mushrooms or stuffed chicken breast looks like"

" Drives me crazy when people post ten new pictures of themselves everyday. All head shots cause the rest is a mess. "

" Holy poop, IT IS THE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE!! "How did you first know Jesus was in your heart?" "The love of Christ is getting me through!" "Jesus is my sous chef!" (throws up a small amount in mouth...) Other people's dogma is just as valid, people!"

"People that pray to the fb god. "dear god, please help me to not slap the next person that prays to god on facebook" ~amen
People that snivel and whine about all of their ailments, I don't give a shit if you have a headache, no matter how lo...ng you've had it, or how bad it is.
People that only get on fb to complain about stuff. Find something nice to say!! The anonymous bitch, btw everyone knows exactly who you're complaining about, no matter how "vague" you think you're being. And anyone that posts multiple times per day. Wow, I suppose I've been holding it in :)"

And there were hundreds more!! all pretty much variations of those examples..  Someone replied with this..

"Wow, so many different reasons. I guess someone is always annoyed by someone else's post. To be safe, don't post....?"

Which is true .. because you know what.. all the people complaining about being annoyed are not exempt from annoying others!!!!  Nope.. they're not!  How does the saying go? Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones?  Heck I've complained about being annoyed in fact I added my 2 cents to that post.. but I know full well I annoy people too.. and enter this article..

It was a short article you can find it here but it pretty much said:

"According to Eversave, a daily deals website, a majority of the 400 women surveyed for market research about their Facebook friends revealed they had at least one obnoxiously "proud mother" as a Facebook friend. And of those same women, 16 percent said they get annoyed by friends always posting updates about their kids.

Many of the women surveyed - a startling 83 percent - said they were annoyed by their friends' posts. The biggest offender? Whining updates. Of the respondents, 63 percent said complaining their biggest annoyance.
So telling your Facebook friends about how the kids wrote cuss words on the walls is out, right?
What do you think? Do your friends' updates about their kids annoy you - or give you a sense of community about parenting with your pals?"

Funny thing is that I was a myspace person.. it took about a year to convince me to go onto facebook.. and I only did because all my mommy friends moved and I missed them, I missed the support, I missed someone who would listen who knew what I was going through. I missed interacting with them and I missed seeing how their kiddos were doing! 

I don't mind when fellow moms complain about being sick.. I get it! others don't.  Mommies don't get sick days.. (by the way that link is to an awesome post about that by one of my bff' mommas)

I don't mind when fellow moms post about their well baby check ups.. I'm genuinely interested on how their kiddos are doing.

I don't mind when fellow moms post about their kids accomplishments and post pictures.. I want to know!

I don't mind when fellow moms vent, and  post about their drama.. I want to be there for them, because I know there will be there for me.

When I moved over to facebook I was only gonna befriend my mommy friends and to my dismay, my "real life"  "friends" followed.  They wonder why I post about breastmilk, I know of a couple that have pushed the "hide" button on me.. it's ok I did the same to them. Doesn't mean I don't love them outside of facebook though and the other way around.. they got mad the one time I posted about circumcision, (as a matter of fact this "friend" of years deleted me oh well!)  Thing is.. real life "friends"

The world according to you is not the same for me!  I don't have the freedom to get up and go on drunken trips, I don't go out much nowadays.. I don't go to the gym and sip margaritas after, I don't go to trendy restaurants.. I can relate to your lives as much as you can relate to mine..  So when you get annoyed by my posts.. know this.. YOU ANNOY ME TOO! ..

There's a "hide" button.. feel free to use it, but if you do.. I most like have or will do the same... how sad huh?  the hypocrisy..  but I guess it is no different than the real world.  I like you just don't annoy me because I sure as hell am too cool to annoy anyone.. *rolls eyes.

Anyway this has been a long vent.. but the point of it is..Moms get other moms. others have no clue..  and I am glad I am on FB where I can at least interact with some adults when the kids get to be too much because Lord knows those friends of mine who go out to restaurants and sip on margaritas never invite me nowadays..

What annoys you? ? Have you ever gotten comments from your "real life friends" when you post about mommy stuff?


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