Monday, April 4, 2011

The "Good Baby" Secret*

Tired of a cry baby? 

Cries in the morning, cries in the afternoon, cries at night.. cries while you're on the phone.. cries when you're on the computer.. cries when you want to eat, cries when you're there, cries when you're not, cries at restaurants, cries at the park,cries at the store, cries in the car, cries on the plane, cries at church, cries at grandma's, cries when you're trying to talk to another adult, cries when you're trying to talk to other children....

and most important.. cries when it's the most inconvenient for you!!

Then you must have a "bad baby"! but don't worry...

From The Makers of the Boob-anator 3000 comes.. "The Good Baby Secret" Book!

All those parenting books are full of useless information.. and frankly who has time to read them?

The "Good Baby Secret"  is so effective you will have baby the same day you read it .. You read right.. THE SAME DAY! or your money back!

Other parenting books will cost you  up to $40 dollars!
The Good Baby secret book will cost you not

not even
you will get the secret for
0 yes!!
we were able to match the boob-anator 3000's prize we here at Instincts INC  know how to bring you the best deals!

How could we do it.. well the book is only 1 page!!  how highly convenient..  in fact we decided to save some trees and just GIVE you the information.. for free!! and for an unlimited time here it is..

are you ready?


Yup that is it!

If your baby cries meet their needs! Pick them up, change their diaper, feed them, hold them, rock them, play with them your baby will stop crying immediately!


But what if my baby becomes to needy?
All babies are needy.. they're babies! they need you!

Aren't you supposed to train them to be independent, sleep on their own? self soothe?
Independence, self soothing is a skill learned later in life when they're babies their survival depends on crying to get their needs met.. ignoring their cries will only create more crying, stress for both of you and it doesn't really work because it is not something you're supposed to do so early on.

My grandmother says if I pick him up every time he cries I will spoil him.
You can't spoil a child by meeting his needs.. a baby is too young to manipulate you with his cries.. if they cry it is to communicate that something is wrong.  Read more on spoiling here

Our Happy Customers cannot be wrong!!

And here are some more testimonials from parents of  "Good babies" !

" I think that all of my kids were happy baby's because their needs were met, My son was a high needs baby though so to others he may have appeared needy and "not good" but as long as I was holding him/nursing him he was happy, he just wanted that 24/7 and didn't want anyone else to hold him. Not even daddy for the first 6 months, that high needs were difficult at times, In the moment they seemed to drag on forever but looking back they went in the blink of an eye and I often miss my cuddly little boy" Christy R- Mother of 4 and a "high needs" baby now a  happy 5 yr old .

"I get it all the time that both my kids are "good babies". I'm going to just say it's because my husband and I treat them with respect, always show them love, and are overall a very close family." Megan S.

"We get told we have a "good baby"  often, especially at daycare and in restaurants! We just shower her with love and try our best to keep her happy and smiling. Plus, she's just good-natured anyway and rarely cries (in public, anyway!). Shakeeta W.

I credit my "good" baby to "attachment parenting. babywearing, lots of holding/cuddling, responsive to baby's cries, co-sleeping, etc" Amber W

"I have two 'good babies' they have all of their needs met, so they are happy as a clam" Melissa T

"I get that all the time. Even random strangers come up to us and tell us that. I'm not sure why she's that way, I just say it's because she's super cool. We do breastfeed, babywear, co-sleep (though we're gently trying to move her to her own... bed-still in our room), lots of cuddles, giggles, kisses, no CIO, trying to be as gentle and respectful as I can. I've tried to respond to her needs quickly. I don't know if she'd be the same if I didn't do those things. I feel very connected to her-I did even before she was born." Kristy K.

"As an infant & toddler, her needs were met as immediately as possible or I used a proactive approach by preventing potential issues via breastfeeing, babywearing, cosleeping & learning ASL together. As a preshooler we continued proactive measures, I modeled respect & caring. She is 9 yrs old now & while she saves her worst moments for me I know it's because she feels safe enough with me to do so. Family, friends & strangers have always had wonderful things to say about her" Tiff B.

Call Today!!!  1-800 HPY BABY  Your baby is standing by!...

*Note from Author.

There are no "good" nor "bad" babies, when babies cry it is because they need you! this is their survival mechanism.. Mammal babies rely on their mothers to survive, When a baby cries the reason we feel uneasy is because our instinct is telling us to help our young, please listen to your instinct and pick your baby up, love them nurture them as you do but most important do not fall for the misconception that a baby can be spoiled or manipulate you. Some babies are higher needs than others and the task of caring for them can sometimes be overwhelming, Asking for help, in order to fulfill their needs as best as possible is a good thing. Sure there are times when it is almost impossible to get to your baby right away especially when you have other children to care for but letting your baby know that you're there, wearing your baby, holding your baby can be a great tool to comfort him as best you can.    The post was meant to be taken lightheartedly and in no way means to offend anyone especially those with high needs children, .  Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice! I always try to gently correct people when they tell me what a "good" baby my son is (8 months). He is an easy to please baby, I reply, telling them as long as someone is paying attention he is very pleased. I am so aware of good v bad wording because my daughter (4 1/2) is not and never was an easy baby but she too was happy when she received attention; she just required more attention. :)

  2. love it! You have no clue how many times I have heard from others that I am spoiling my kids! People tell me all the time that I need to just "put them down already" and in the same breath admire my "good baby" lol.

  3. Great post. Our 2 year old was high needs as a baby(and still is at times). I tried hard to make sure his needs were met. It was hard bc I was pumping full time for him. This time around with our 3 month old, it is so different. We have a great breastfeeding relationship, so he is a "happy/good" baby. :)

  4. This post is hilarious and so true! We did have some periods of "inconsolable" crying with Desmond but he is slowly growing out of it - and we never let him suffer alone, he always knew we were there doing our best to make it alright and going through it with him.

    I have been loving your blog so much that I mentioned it on my most recent post and have given you the Versatile Bloggers award! I'm so glad I found your blog!

  5. I always wondered what I'm supposed to say when someone asked me about my baby. . ."is she/he a good baby?" I would usually smile and say I didn't know any bad babies.



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