Friday, April 1, 2011

There's a "Hide" button.. feel free to use it.

Ever watch Mtv's the real world? They throw a bunch of people to live together from different backgrounds, throw some alcohol in the mix and film the trainwreck?

FB is sort of like that...  It's like we all live together on an hmtl world and depending on your level of sharing pretty much us minus the physical body are in there.. our activities,past, present,thoughts.. Sometimes it's pleasant sometimes it can be annoying..

This post was inspired by a post on the page Jamie White, Mornings on 106.5 The Buzz
 It said "‎85% of women are annoyed by their fb friends, what is your most annoying fb friend all about?"  Some of the responses were funny and all too familiar!

Here are some  responses:

"Every move they make gets posted, every thing they watch on tv gets posted...everytime they are running errands it gets posted. Updates on their doctor appointments is posted...need I say more?"

"the friends who vent too much-to the point of publicly humiliating themselves...they're their own worst enemies = /"

"I hate when people "check in" to places. I don't care where you are!! "

" i have wont shut up about her daughter....always always about the things her 6 yrs old does..i get it u love your daughter."

" People that post pictures of the food they made or are about to eat. Nobody cares what your sautéed mushrooms or stuffed chicken breast looks like"

" Drives me crazy when people post ten new pictures of themselves everyday. All head shots cause the rest is a mess. "

" Holy poop, IT IS THE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE!! "How did you first know Jesus was in your heart?" "The love of Christ is getting me through!" "Jesus is my sous chef!" (throws up a small amount in mouth...) Other people's dogma is just as valid, people!"

"People that pray to the fb god. "dear god, please help me to not slap the next person that prays to god on facebook" ~amen
People that snivel and whine about all of their ailments, I don't give a shit if you have a headache, no matter how you've had it, or how bad it is.
People that only get on fb to complain about stuff. Find something nice to say!! The anonymous bitch, btw everyone knows exactly who you're complaining about, no matter how "vague" you think you're being. And anyone that posts multiple times per day. Wow, I suppose I've been holding it in :)"

And there were hundreds more!! all pretty much variations of those examples..  Someone replied with this..

"Wow, so many different reasons. I guess someone is always annoyed by someone else's post. To be safe, don't post....?"

Which is true .. because you know what.. all the people complaining about being annoyed are not exempt from annoying others!!!!  Nope.. they're not!  How does the saying go? Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones?  Heck I've complained about being annoyed in fact I added my 2 cents to that post.. but I know full well I annoy people too.. and enter this article..

It was a short article you can find it here but it pretty much said:

"According to Eversave, a daily deals website, a majority of the 400 women surveyed for market research about their Facebook friends revealed they had at least one obnoxiously "proud mother" as a Facebook friend. And of those same women, 16 percent said they get annoyed by friends always posting updates about their kids.

Many of the women surveyed - a startling 83 percent - said they were annoyed by their friends' posts. The biggest offender? Whining updates. Of the respondents, 63 percent said complaining their biggest annoyance.
So telling your Facebook friends about how the kids wrote cuss words on the walls is out, right?
What do you think? Do your friends' updates about their kids annoy you - or give you a sense of community about parenting with your pals?"

Funny thing is that I was a myspace person.. it took about a year to convince me to go onto facebook.. and I only did because all my mommy friends moved and I missed them, I missed the support, I missed someone who would listen who knew what I was going through. I missed interacting with them and I missed seeing how their kiddos were doing! 

I don't mind when fellow moms complain about being sick.. I get it! others don't.  Mommies don't get sick days.. (by the way that link is to an awesome post about that by one of my bff' mommas)

I don't mind when fellow moms post about their well baby check ups.. I'm genuinely interested on how their kiddos are doing.

I don't mind when fellow moms post about their kids accomplishments and post pictures.. I want to know!

I don't mind when fellow moms vent, and  post about their drama.. I want to be there for them, because I know there will be there for me.

When I moved over to facebook I was only gonna befriend my mommy friends and to my dismay, my "real life"  "friends" followed.  They wonder why I post about breastmilk, I know of a couple that have pushed the "hide" button on me.. it's ok I did the same to them. Doesn't mean I don't love them outside of facebook though and the other way around.. they got mad the one time I posted about circumcision, (as a matter of fact this "friend" of years deleted me oh well!)  Thing is.. real life "friends"

The world according to you is not the same for me!  I don't have the freedom to get up and go on drunken trips, I don't go out much nowadays.. I don't go to the gym and sip margaritas after, I don't go to trendy restaurants.. I can relate to your lives as much as you can relate to mine..  So when you get annoyed by my posts.. know this.. YOU ANNOY ME TOO! ..

There's a "hide" button.. feel free to use it, but if you do.. I most like have or will do the same... how sad huh?  the hypocrisy..  but I guess it is no different than the real world.  I like you just don't annoy me because I sure as hell am too cool to annoy anyone.. *rolls eyes.

Anyway this has been a long vent.. but the point of it is..Moms get other moms. others have no clue..  and I am glad I am on FB where I can at least interact with some adults when the kids get to be too much because Lord knows those friends of mine who go out to restaurants and sip on margaritas never invite me nowadays..

What annoys you? ? Have you ever gotten comments from your "real life friends" when you post about mommy stuff?


  1. so very very true. i used to worry about that stuff, but i remembered that its not a popularity contest and those who are my friends will still be even if i have just unloaded some serious shit onto my status message. life goes on

  2. I love this! I'm sure that there are a few 'friends' who have pressed the hide button on me. Probably for posting about breastfeeding or breast milk or my son's antics. But I also know that my mommy (and mommy-to-be) friends mostly enjoy my posts and have or will have some of the same experiences.

    Like the status box says: What's on your mind? And that's what I put. :-)

  3. I definitely know the feeling! Loved this post- have had to use the hide button a couple of times on friends whose comments were too much for everyday posting. I get it, it's their FB and they can post whatever they want, but it shows up on my page and I don't need to know why they think so-and-so politico is wrong or immoral, etc. and I agree, that doesn't mean I'll stop liking them as my friend.

    And hey I'll invite you over for margaritas anytime! ;-)I have a Magic Bullet. Lol. But seriously... Margaritas...Anytime.

  4. I know I have had to of annoyed at least a dozen people on a daily basis on my facebook page. I had one "friend" complain that I was just to "sunny" all the time. blah Cracks me up that people apparently complain about the opposite as well.
    I am glad you wrote this. It helps to remember that we all get on each others nerves every once in a while and like you said if it gets to annoying there is a hide button.

  5. So basically people want to write their own life minutia but not read anyone else's? But, isn't sharing and connecting what fb is all about? Really, if it annoys then why be on there at all? I find people interesting, whether we share ideals or are vastly different, I'm interested. With one big fat glaring elephant in the room that I'm shocked wasn't mentioned: I do not care about your pet goat in your farm or your top word score, etc. Bur, that's up to me to block those game postings from my feed. Easy-peasy

  6. @Adah.. mmmmm margaritas!!! they are my favorite! I always crave them when I am pregnant hahaah!

    And YES! FB is about connecting.. I genuinely care about everyone on my list even those who annoy me.. why because I know I annoy them too! lol.. It's just funny how bent out of shape some people get in regards to others annoying them.. like they're soooo not guilty of it lol..

  7. haha, love it! I know I annoy people, I have been told that I do, it is always real life people who tell me this too, and family. Perhaps I annoy others as well and they just haven't told me. I am the QUEEN of oversharing but I am ok with that. I feel the same as you, if you don't like it don't read it. Hide me or defriend me, whatever I don't care.
    I celebrate my friends accomplishments and perhaps I ma nosey but I love it when my friends post pictures of things they are proud of including their kids, their newest crafty creations and even what they made for dinner :) Thats just me though.

  8. Yes...I totally get you...I actually made an entire new profile for my mommy and hair mom friends and I use it more than my "real" one lol



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