Monday, February 28, 2011

Water Water everywhere...

I recently watched this interesting documentary called Tapped.

They discussed how the country's water supply is being used by big corporations like DUN DUN DUN Nestle <---- surprised? I'm not.  To make HUGE profit.  They do not pay for this water, and they turn around, bottle them in chemically ridden containers, and selling it to us.

Deer Park
Ice Mountain
Poland Spring
Zephyr Hills
Acqua Panna

All Nestle Water.. Of course there is store brands, generic, and not to mention Coca Cola and Pepsi water.
The Documentary went on to discuss the way the tap water is tested,  the chemicals found in the bottles, How Municipal tap water is safer, however..

I still distrust tap water!  Why? For one When I gave birth to my first daughter this little thing called nursery water intrigued me.. it seemed like another product making big bucks out of  unsuspecting parents thinking they were doing "the right thing" Gallon has a baby in the picture.. it's called nursery water.. that must mean I need it and it would be irresponsible if I didn't get it. WRONG! I looked it up and found lots of nice little articles about fluoride.. which is of course  the government shoves down our mouths in the form of tap water whether we like it or not.   Look at them backing out now! 

I am also known to be distrusting of federal agencies and why shouldn't I?  Trust is earned and not given.. the government has done nothing to gain my trust in the 30 yrs I have been here. Does not mean I am unpatriotic I love this country I just would love to see the right people running and CARING for it. Not just exploiting and using its resources and people but that's another blog.   How would we stop them int he future from adding things to our water like vaccines or the next "public health must have" Oh wait they are already looking into the food for that.. Swine flu vaccine in your corn anyone?  I am no guinea pig!  What we put in our bodies should be our choice!

With that said.. I am confused! What choices do I really have?  My current method of water is a 5 gallon jug filled at the machine outside the grocery store for 25 cents a gallon. But Even so they talked about the BPA from the plastic jugs.. ok well there's glass I suppose.. and when I go out on the street, should I protect my daughter from wanting a plastic water bottle?

I tried searching to see what the safest method of water is and both sides have strong arguments against each other and I am just confused!

The documentary is great but it left me perplexed Just watch the trailer and you will get a gist of it.

what is your method of drinking water?


  1. I totally distrust all water too! :( Sad! We have Reverse Osmosis hooked up to kitchen faucet and showerhead filters hooked up in each bathroom. Bought the reverse osmosis at Sears and shower filters online.

  2. I have a Berkey filter and filter out my tap water.

    Best thing I could find.

  3. Reverse osmosis is the best way (so Ive read and heard) to get the cleanest drinking water. I also used to think tap water was ok, but after learning all the crap they put in it, I do not drink it. We have a filter on our kitchen water, and we have a gauge that will test the ppm(parts per million)..u want the number to be 0, its usually around 40-50, tap is around 250. So, its a really hard situation. Just one more thing we have to be completely aware of. Just because ur drinking water, doesnt mean its clean water.....and I refuse to buy bottled water. Its not only bad for the enviroment, but the chemicals in the plastic are harmful to our body.

  4. We got our eyes opened to the bottled water scam almost 2 years ago... What a shame for the environment. Not to count the lovely toxins that we were receiving as a result of the plastic bottles... Gross!!!
    This site has many awesome filters to choose from and my favorite cause they also remove fluoride. They range in price from $149 for one under the kitchen sink to $3,000 for the entire house... They remove everything from lead and arsenic to pesticides, herbicides & insecticides!



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