Monday, February 21, 2011

Dedicated to the working dad.

I want to make a point that I made to my husband a while back, it made all the difference in our relationship. It brought peace to our household, it even made for guilt free relaxing time for him and I.

You see we stay at home, work at home and  part time working moms know how hard you work all day, how all you want is to put a roof over our heads and bring home the bacon. We understand that when you get home from a pain in the ass day at work you don't want to hear any bitching, you don't want to hear complaining, you want us to be happy to see you, and you want to relax, after all you only get 4-5 hours before you have to go to bed and do it all over again the next day.

The thing is ..we want that too! We want you to have that and we want that for ourselves!...  Imagine this..scenario.

You come home at 5:00pm, you have a lovely dinner with your wife and children..right after you are done eating without even clearing the table your wife goes.. alrighty dear...It's time for me to clock out! My job's done here for the day, gonna go relax now before getting back to the grind tomorrow. And she checked her time card, left the house and didn't come back til 8:00am the next morning. That would suck wouldn't it?  After a long day of work you'd be stuck clearing the table, washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen for the 4th time in the day, then giving the kids a bath, getting their pajamas on, playing with them, then settling them down for story time and putting them to sleep. Add an infant to the mix and you'd have to pause in between to feed them hold them and rock them not to mention change diapers. Forget abut going to bed as sometimes the kiddos do not want to sleep at all. Oh Man you're going to be too exhausted to go to work the next day huh.. but you have to!.

See you get to check out from your job at 5 or whatever time it is you check out.. we don't!  You get to go to sleep at a prompt time to have energy for the next day, we don't. You get a lunch and breaks, and unless there is a nap time for the kids. we don't.  You get to sleep in if you are sick.. we don't.  Our job really is 24/7  Now don't get us wrong.. we're not trying to attack you. All we ask is for a break, for some help!
for some consideration! If you entertain the kids, give them baths, read them stories while I wash dishes and clean the kitchen it cuts my workload in half!  We'll both be doing the same amount of work, after our workday... If you give me 30 minutes to take a bath or a shower I assure you, you wont regret it. We might even have time for ourselves!

You need to start seeing me as a team mate after all you put the roof and bring the bacon but we maintain that roof and we cook that bacon for you.  Without one there cannot be the other.

After this, my husband decided to help me when he came home from work, he takes care of the girls, I take care of dinner and clean, Or sometimes we even swap that.. I then give him a break and he gets to unwind with video games or TV, when the girls go to bed sometimes we even have energy to stay up a bit longer to hang out with each other and remember what we liked so much about us.

Parenting doesn't have to be difficult..especially if there is two of you!

Here's an insightful blog by a dad read the replies some are ridiculous but some make a good point,.


  1. My hubz had been awesome at sharing the after hours workload, as I call it. It makes a world of difference and takes away that silent resentment that we sometimes harbor. If more dads knew how appreciative their women would be, I'm sure they would help more.

  2. Oh I know! We alot of times guard all this resentment until we finally explode.. which is what happened to me one day, I cried hysterically to my husband as I was trying to explain this to him.

    Ever since then he's been the most awesome husband I could ask for.. He helps more and we both feel more relaxed at the end of the day. It made a world of difference.

  3. WE try to do this too, take turns with the nightly duties so we can relax. I actually found a way to elimate a few of them! (kind of) I have a 5 and 2 yr old. My 2 yr old naps everyday afternoon. While he is sleeping, I try to cook dinner and clean the mess. Dinner time, just reheat, serve on paper plates! I also started doing bathtime right after nap around 4pm.

  4. I wish that my husband worked days so that I could use some of the tips. My husband works 12-14 hour night shifts 5-7 days a week. So, he gets home between 6:30 and 7 am and leaves around 5 pm. I feel the resentment but I know his job isn't a ball either. I just wish I could get him to help more because even on his days off he is so exhausted he just falls asleep if he is sitting on the couch too ling (wish I could do that without fear of the kids running rampant ;-). The unfortunate never-ending cycle of working parent and SAHM.

  5. Love your post! Also, love the pics above!!!! I work fulltime then come home and work some more. It seems like the job of a mom is never ending. It is one I would not trade for the world though...

    Sounds like your hubby is a good listener! That's a great quality! My husband and I have had discussions regarding this issue too. I still do most of our "nightly routine" with our son but he knows the more he helps.... the luckier he's gonna get LOL! Amazing how that can do the trick sometimes. I'm kidding.... wait, no i'm not!

    My sis in law, stays home with her 3 kids and keeps another 2. My brother is a teacher and a coach so he works late some nights with the wrestlers, and when it is wrestling sis in law is quite the trooper all though i've heard her version and side of it too. Being a mom is the hardest toughest job, but the most rewarding. I'm sure if my brother was in her shoes for a week, we'd see a white surrender flag waving outside from a window...hahaha!

    This should be required reading for all men! PUNTO!



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