Thursday, February 3, 2011


I can tell already you're going to be something...
I can tell already you're a little traviesa (troublemaker)
I can tell already you are curious about the world...
I can tell already you are hungry for knowledge.. you want to know new foods, new sounds, new sights, new textures..
Today during lunch you surprised me with your ability to open a marker and the curiosity as to what it tasted like... it only took you a minute..
Then I cleaned you up and sat you down to get your change of clothes and you found the smoke detector I had set on the coffee table.. that was my fault lol.. You gave me the "oh oh you caught me" look..

Then When I tried changing you, you were not having it! You wanted to play...

So play we did.. you made me laugh, I made you giggle, we danced we pranced, we even cleaned up a bit...
and now we sleep...well you do.. while I sit here typing this.

My reward from you? You finally decided to stand long enough to capture the moment before sitting back down..

I love you so much I hope you never change.. I hope we laugh, I hope we can play and I hope I always always remember today.


  1. awww Tanya, that made me tear up, and not just a little, quite a bit! Tubs is sleeping in my lap too as I type <3 It goes by so fast!

  2. I loved this heart felt post! I feel the same way about my son. A mother's love! Their is not much more that can compare......

    great post!



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