Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Problem with Immigration.

I know this is not mommy related but I often find new friends online who really have no clue when it comes to immigration, yet they have an opinion. Not to say their opinion isn't valid I mean maybe their source of news is Fox, or their husband's can't get a job because Pablo over there is cheaper.

Let me explain Immigration you as simply as I can.

by the way I saw this really cute baby clothes at walmart they were like a dollar a piece, who doesn't like a good bargain right?  Everyone likes convenient and cheap.. no one is exempt from that.

Now back on topic..
Lets say Pablo here lives in Mexico, where thanks to the U.S trade, a.k.a NAFTA  has nothing but factory jobs that pay pennies, that is not regulated by the same employee rights as they do here, who by the way if it's not China  it probably comes from there.. That sir is where the jobs went.. they were outsourced!.. but that is another post.  Now the things is, you'd think the standards of living there are low enough that getting paid 100 dollars a week (that's good pay) is enough.. WRONG! the thing that people don't know is that  Mexico being a capitalist country and being the U.S little annoying sister who keeps copying, makes prices for certain goods that we take for granted  just as much if not more than what you would pay for here.. the walmart there? not a bargain store to them as it is here.. The only quality of life you could get there for 100 dollars a week is equivalent to you living in a one bedroom house.. and no not a one bedroom house.. I mean the whole bedroom is a house... 4 walls, no floor. SHIT! If you're gonna be doing factory work here maybe you can go to the U.S and make more money so at least your kids can afford a floor, not a roof.. a floor!

Anyway enough with the pity party..
So If Pablo wanted to do this the right way, he'd need money for a lawyer.. LOTS of it.. and most likely he'd get swindled because according to the USCIS unless you have family members to sponsor you, or an employer which in order to not loose jobs to immigrants you would have to be indispensable, then you go on the back of a VERY VERY VERY VERY long line.. behind, refugees, religious folk, abuse victims, disaster victims, pretty much not something that will happen in his lifetime. So of  he goes to do it the wrong way.. (not saying he's right but I will come back to this)

Lets say you are lucky enough to have a family member to sponsor you for a green card (which is the first step towards citizenship) According to the USCIS site:

If Your Family Member is a U.S. Citizen

You may be able to get a green card as an immediate relative or as a family member in a preference category if your U.S. citizen relative files a Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, for you. For more information on immigrant petitions, see the “Family” link to the right.

Immediate Relative of a U.S. Citizen
You are an immediate relative of a U.S. citizen if you are:
The child (unmarried and under 21 years old) of a U.S. citizen
The spouse (husband or wife) of a U.S. citizen
The parent of a U.S. citizen (if the U.S. citizen is 21 years or older)
Family Member of a U.S. Citizen in a Preference Category

You are a family member of a U.S. citizen in a preference category if you are:
An unmarried son or daughter (21 years or older) of a U.S. citizen
A married son or daughter (any age) of a U.S. citizen
A sibling (brother or sister) of a U.S. citizen
If Your Family Member is a Permanent Resident

You may be able to get a green card as a family member in a preference category if your family member filed a Form I-130 on your behalf. For more information on immigrant petitions, see the “Family” link to the right.

Family member of a permanent resident in a preference category
You are a family member of a permanent resident in a preference category if you are:
The spouse of a permanent resident
The child (unmarried and under 21 years old) of permanent resident
The unmarried son or daughter (21 years or older) of a permanent resident

Green Card Through Special Categories of Family
You may also be eligible to get a green card if you:
Are a battered child or spouse of a U.S. citizen
Entered the United States with a K visa as the fiancé(e) or spouse of a U.S. citizen or an accompanying child
Obtained V nonimmigrant status
Are a widow(er) of a U.S. citizen
Are born to a foreign diplomat in the United States

For more information on “Adjustment of Status” and “Consular Processing” see links to left under “Green Card Processes & Procedures.”

The thing is, the further down that you go the longer you wait sometimes more than 10 years..  and the further down the list of reasons for eligibility the longer... by the way cases from the Philippines go before those of the U.S *shrugs..

The thing is , is that it is nearly impossible, and well see I have this theory.. that the U.S probably secretly loves the immigration problem Because those middle class  people sure love their cheap contractors, and businesses love having that edge for being cheaper than the poor contractor who does things right.

The U.S loves to use the immigration as a platform for gaining constituents.. right or left.. always promising to fix it yet never doing so.. no wonder we get people like minute men! The government isn't doing shit why not us.. I understand them it is out of frustration but it is also out of ignorance.

The problem doesn't rely on Pablo.. the problem is the Contractors, companies, businesses that hire illegal aliens to save money on labor and insurance. No jobs? no reason to be here.

I agree with stronger borders but I also agree with making the steps to coming here legally more REALISTIC! but for that we need to think of ourselves first.. we need JOBS, when you go buy that made in china,Mexico,Guatemala item..  think about how that's where the jobs went.. but of course it wouldn't be as cheap. BUT if we had more jobs things we could afford them even with the price hike!

We want things to change yet we complain and just sit there.. and blame it on the next guy...

Another thing that bothers me.. They should put pressure on Resident Aliens to become citizens.. after a while if you are not a citizen then things like medicare/WIC/EBT etc.. need to be taken away... (YES THEY GET EVERYTHING! but the right to vote.) AND you know why that will never happen and you know why they will keep making it easy to take easy street? because I think the U.S is comfy with the idea of them being modern day "citizens" without the right to VOTE! and I think they like the idea of modern day "Slaves" that work for pennies on the dollar and really have no freedom.

Now you tell me.. are you going to start buying American?  Or is it more comfortable  to blame Pablo.


  1. already said it all in the chat so I will just say here that I agree, there is a HUGE grey area. Great post <3

  2. hhmm, I think that we agree more than you think. I didn't even get into the stupidity of companies hiring poor Pablo for 5 bucks an hour to clean out chicken areas (hello, Tyson, a huge illegal immigration employ in Missouri). All I asked was that people go about getting a visa (of some sort) or gain citizenship. If we get into companies then we also have to tackle Unions. I didn't say the process was easy, and I know that it isn't (I've got a friend here from Canada who is still working on the process, but he is married and has a kid, like you do). And no I don't get my info from Fox. I'm hoping that what I said didn't get tweaked or misunderstood into something else. I was talking about one small part of the issue. Gaining citizenship into Mexico isn't easy either, and I could never own land there. http://www.ehow.com/how_2002829_obtain-mexican-citizenship.html
    Citizenship to a country should be like marriage, it is a commitment to be part of the country to help it be better.

    Oh and like many folks, I try to buy "made in the usa" whenever I can, but its hard to find anymore. Yet that had little to do with my post.

  3. Thank you so much. I get so frustrated with people who just assume that it is a matter of filling out a few forms. It is nearly impossible to come here legally. And once you are here, there is no way to become legal. You are simply deported if you try to make things right.

    Look at all the DREAM Act students who were brought here as children, and had no say in coming here illegally, don't even speak the language of their birth country or remember it, honor students who have never broken any laws (except for being brought here by their parents), and are still being deported to countries they don't even know.

  4. Atina, Don't feel like I was specifically talking to you or about what you said, I didn't quote what you said so nothing could have been "tweaked" the reason I felt like writing about it though I didn't advertise the post was because I have encountered not just you but many who have those sentiments.. I don't knwo where your info comes from, I know in your case it's not from Fox as you are smarter than that.

    COmpanies are ultimately to blame for hiring the people illegally and the union matter has nothing to do with the immigration at this point.. by the way I am pro union because my husband is part of one and thanks to that we have fair pay and great health insurance.

    And no the process isn't easy but unless you have a family member here it is darn near impossible.

    Like I said it wasn't necessarily about your post I was going to discuss it with you before I showed you but I guess you found it first..

    Like I was telling Christy the issue is so complex with many gray areas, and about owning land? Let me tell you first hand that half or ROsarito is owned by americans! ask anyone that lives there. http://www.mexonline.com/propmex.htm

    and even then why is that an argument when people from Mexico can't own land in the U.S if they are not here legally? at least to enter Mexico you don't need a passport.

    check this video out lots and lots of americans live in places like Tijuana, how's that for a double standard

    It's a crazy subject that can get pretty heated because everyone has an opinion or perspective all I gain from this post is for the people that blame the illegals for taking their jobs (WHICH you did not say I wasn't talking about your post in here necessarily)to see it from a different perspective.



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