Saturday, February 19, 2011

Are you trying to "one up" me?

I will take the Urban dictionary definition of the "one upper"

1. one upper
An annoying person who responds to hearing someone else’s experience or problem by immediately telling a similar story about themselves with a much more fantastic (or terrible) outcome.

Person: I got to meet James Hetfield before the concert and I got his autograph.

One Upper: Yeah, well my cousin knows the head of security for Metallica, and he got us front row tickets to the show and then we went backstage and met the whole group. Then they invited us back to their hotel room and we partied with them all night.

Person: I have a a dislocated knee.

One Upper: Yeah, well last summer I broke my leg in four places and had to have a steel pin inserted. I also had to have surgery done on my knee to repair the torn ligaments. I was on crutches for almost two months.

You've probably met the mommy versions of the "one upper"... Especially online!

You know.

Hi, I'm Jane I  breastfed  Johnny Jr for a year and he just weaned.  I never knew I would even go that long but I am glad I did!  Breastfeeding rocks!

Hi I'm Joanie.. I am a baby lead weaning advocate and  I am tandem nursing my  2 yr old and my newborn, and yes breastfeeding rocks!  @Jane why didn't you breastfeed longer?

Fancy Nancy:  Hey folks I have a biter, how could I stop my baby from biting me it hurts so much (I saw this scenario once)

Jane Doe: Why don't you try to pull her in towards you so she can break the latch? you could hurt your nipple if you pull away.

Mary Contrary: @Jane are you kidding me? That is abuse! you are suffocating the child!  Sorry Fancy but I sucked it up with all my nurslings.. it's just something that comes with the territory.

HI, I'm Debbie, I have 2 children a boy and a girl, I had them both naturally at the hospital it was the greatest experience ever.

Hi I'm Mona, I have 3 kids all of them unassisted home births.. it was the greatest, I was flipping pancakes the next morning with all of them (<--- I stole that from Gisele's claims that she was making pancakes the morning after her birth)

Hi.. I am Tina.. What did you ladies do to loose the baby weight it's been 6 months and I can't seem to do it,

Hi Tina, are you breastfeeding? I lost all my baby weight in 3 weeks just by breastfeeding I'm actually skinnier than I was before I was pre pregnancy!

I could go on.. and on.....

but I think you get the point.

I admit I roll my eyes when I encounter them, and sometimes I feel inadequate as a mother because of them.. then I though about it..have I ever made someone feel this way.. chances are I probably have not that I can remember as it is never been on purpose and chances are you have too...

I think it is good to take it all in stride,'s the Internet after all ..

Let me put it out there! I have many many many flaws! I sometimes do raise my voice at my kids and sometimes they eat pb&J for dinner... well SHE lol I only have one old enough to eat pb&J, if only I could boobie feed her for dinner.....

I realize I do not want to be the one upper ever! so I will make it a point to me more sympathetic  and to praise those who need praise...

as for the times I feel someone is one upping me? I will picture them as the polar opposites of what they claim to be to make me feel better!

Petty yes!  but  darn it! they're asking for it! haha <----I am just joking so calm down! lol... people's accomplishments are awesome no matter what!  However..

Motherhood, it's a Journey not a competition!

Have you ever felt one upped? or encountered a one upper? Tell me about it!!!

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  1. I love this post! It's so true. I was a one-upper for a looong time without even realizing it. I thought I was "relating" to the person telling the story by saying my own, similar story. It's somthing I picked up from my dad.
    Well, I didn't have any idea until I met my husband. He pointed it out to me after a couple months of being together, telling me how much he HATED it. I was like, "what?" I don't do that!
    It took a long time for me to accept what he told me, and many times of him catching me in the act before I finally learned. I'm still not fully aware all the time, but I know that it has drastically reduced.
    Now that I'm a mom, I see this more than ever, especially online. But I guess we can't change the world, can we? I changed myself, and am happy with that.



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