Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am Peggy Bundy... well sort of..

This is not a confession.. it's not something I hide... I claim to be the damn best parent I personally can be and darn it I am.. I work hard at it.. but.. when it comes to being a home maker? a June Cleaver? ha! I am not.. and I will never claim to be.

I am  Peggy Bundy.

I Hate Cleaning and I hate cooking!  I so so so sooo wish I honestly do, that I had the curiosity to try new recipes, the energy to scrub toilets and bath tubs, to put socks into pairs, to fight stains like a pro, to clean grout, to dust daily.. (heck even weekly), to keep up with laundry, to greet my husband at the door with a hot meal and a clean house and looking great.   But.. I don't, I could try.. but I choose not to...

I cut corners.. my living room, playroom, kitchen and bathroom look presentable.. if you look closely you'd find the carpet needs steaming,  nothing has been dusted, I don't move the couches to vacuum.. I do only surface cleaning.. unless it's a weekend.. then I don't bother.. Why? it'll just be dirty 15 minutes later.

My kitchen is clean but if you dig, you'd notice my cutlery is not in order, I just dump them in a drawer, my refrigerator is busting at the seams with expired yogurt, containers with old leftovers and mystery balls of foil.
My baking soda has not been changed since 2008 (when we moved here) My oven sometimes guards dirty pans that I don't want to bother with immediately.

My bathroom is clean ..cleaner than a public one at least.. but my bathtub sometimes looks like mouldy cheese.

Gross I know..

I mean, things get done, certain things have a priority, clean dishes, clean clothes, the refrigerator except for the baking soda does get cleaned every time I have to go grocery shopping otherwise nothing would fit.  a Clean area to cook, a clean toilet, a relatively clutter free living room...

Just don't ask about my bedroom. I call that my hamper.

I also cook.. but I have a handful of easy dishes I rotate.. and Fridays are Pizza night and weekends we dine at my mother in law's  oh! and once a week my husband likes to grill, that is how I get away with having food on the table without much effort.

I also noticed though when it comes to deep cleaning...
Don't get me wrong I have an anal side as well.. there are times when the dust bunnies and the grime keep taunting me.. they keep calling my name.. they go "lazy! You can't get rid of us! you love us! We are here forever" and I get angry at myself and I go into a rampage.. then I become someone along the lines of
Mommy dearest..

                                                   NO MOULDY BATHTUBS!!!!!!!! 
But it doesn't happen often! or I'd scare my poor kids lol...

You see.. I have a million excuses to be this way

I have a nursling who every time I get the energy to get things done she wants me to sit down so she can nap and nurse.
I have a 5 yr old that wants a constant playmate
I'd rather play with her than scrub toilets *shrugs
I'd rather have a tickle fight than mop the floor
I'd rather watch a movie while I blog like I am right now than pick up the mess of toys she has left...

I'd rather go snuggle with my baby than load the dishwasher with the dishes from dinner
I'd rather  be happy than miserable...

I know things need to get done but sometimes messes remind me of that torture..where they would make a prisoner pick up rocks and put them on one end of the building and once done.. they would have to pick them up only to take them back to the other side and it was that same cycle forever..

When you wash dishes.. they're going to get dirty.. when you pick up the living room it's only going to get messy again..
I am not saying we mustn't be clean and strive for neatness... but I think taking a day off.. or  realizing the house is never going to be fully clean with a house full of children.. can be liberating.

If anyone can manage to have a spotless house.. without sacrificing some of their sanity and playtime with the kids.. and fun with the hubby ...please tell me your secret!

Peggy Dearest.


  1. wow! you actually made me Laugh Out Loud with this one! the minute i saw the pic of mommy dearest i swear i was busting at the seams. I can totally relate to you! I have been known to be a little OCD about cleaning, but after having my son, i have learned to wave the white flag and surrender, because like you said with kids there is no such thing as "clean".

  2. This was awesome, and describes me perfectly!!

  3. I say I am Martha Stewart meets Roseanne. I *could* do all that stuff Martha does, and occasionally, I do, but most of the time, it's Roseanne. Tonight had me screaming to no kid in particular, "I HATE cleaning up after YOOOOUUUUUU!!! What is so hard about doing X, Y, Z!!?? See?!! THIS is the reason I am never EVER having children AGAIN!!!!" Not my finest moment, but I'll make up with Martha tomorrow. You know, if they let me sleep through the night.

  4. LOL!! This post is soo funny!
    I can't cook for the life of me - trying to follow a recipe gives me hives! So I am with you on getting away with easy meals :)
    And, although I actually like cleaning - I can only do it properly every so often so there is alot of surface cleaning at my house too!
    And - hey - I never thought of hiding my dirty pots & pans in the oven temporarily -- good idea for when those unexpected guests ring the doorbell!! I am gonna have to use that tip :)

  5. hahaha. I love cooking but cleaning, not so much!
    My house is messy on a good day and boarderline hoarderish on a bad! I have mystery things in my fridge too. My bathroom and kitchen occasionally look like science experiments are being conducted in there. I can't even remember the last time I cleaned the toilet, although I vaugely remember there were Christmas decorations up haha. I like to say I am strengthening my kids immune systems :oP lol
    My hubby jokes that I am good at surface cleaning. I can make the rooms look nice if I have enough advanced warning that someone is coming over but its only on the surface.
    You mean you are supposed to move couches when you vacuum?? CRAP!

  6. Hahaha!! I loved this post so much! I can so relate my friend!! I am definitely a surface cleaner daily, and a deep cleaner once a month or so.
    There's just SOOOOOO MUCH TO DO on any given day and I am only one person, with 2 hands (nursing baby & typing with 1 hand as I type this, lol) and 3 kids!!! So yea, like u said: the kids, our happiness, and life is so much more important at this time in our lives VS wiping down the bookshelves and scrubbing the baseboards. Ughhh,,, I F'N HATE deep cleaning. And I'm with you- it can wait. Do the basics, and put your children first. The dishes and laundry will be there tomorrow!!! :)



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