Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flip Diaper system

Look at the clothesline in my backyard in all its glory! The grass not so much though (I don't water backyard grass in the summer it's futile in southern Cali it just wastes water.)

I have found a new passion.. cloth diapering! I do not know why I didn't do this with my first, it' easy peasy! and cheap!

There comes a time in one's life especially in this economy where you start looking long and hard at the things that used to be essential. Are they really essential or where they really a luxury? Could I live without? Disposable diapers where one of those things.. I was doing the math one night, we were spending $10 a week on jumbo diapers, our daughter was 3 months. We had just barely ran out of diapers we got from the baby shower. I decided to look into cloth diapering and I was shocked! an average of $20 per "all in one insert"!! you need at least 10 if you want to wash them all at night and have them ready for the next day! and that is an initial investment of $200 still cheaper in the long run but too much to put out up front.

And then I ran into flip diapers Not only where they easy to use but easy on our pockets. With an average initial investment of $50 for a stay dry pack which includes 6 amazingly absorbent inserts and 2 reusable covers and great reviews I was willing to give them a try!

I was very excited when they arrived I had previously seen a video review on youtube so I was already familiar with how to use them but the instructions on the box were easy.

I used them with no problems, she did not leak and it was very easy. I actually have survived with just the 6 inserts and the 2 covers because it is summer so as you saw earlier I hang them out to dry. I hand wash them as they get dirty.

Here's some tips.

  • Use a good chemical/detergent/enzyme free laundry soap, I just fell in love with countrysave, I'll tell you why.. I found out quickly that regular detergent stays in the cloth diaper, no matter how many times you rinse every time you wring it more soap comes out, this also makes the liner look old quick and not absorb as much I quickly switched and my diapers looked great again and it takes very little soap when you hand wash about 1 tablespoon for a small bucket. Now that is savings in detergent!

  • Poopie diapers! NO, they're not as scary as you might think.. here's a quick tip, if you can wash them immediately. I found out if I put the liner in the toilet and flush, the suction from the flush will scoop out the top layer of poo and then you can just wash the rest. No need for fancy toilet hoses.

  • Poopie Stains... two words.. SUN BLEACHING! it's difficult to get the poopie stains out by just washing but take them out in the sun for a bit and your cloth liners are white and bright once more!

  • Cloth wipes. When you use disposables you usually wipe and put the dirty wipe in the diaper and throw it away. With cloth you can spray the baby's bum with some water and just wipe with a nice soft flannel wipe, you can make them yourself! (I will have a tutorial on cloth wiping as soon as I can) This solves the problem of what to do with disposable wipes and you use less landfill space.

  • You will eventually need a couple more covers as they do tend to smell like urine after a couple of wears even though they're waterproof on the inside, you can either wipe them down or I just wash them and hang out one in the sun and switch them out as I go.

  • Just try it! it becomes second nature in no time! you'll be wondering why disposables even exist! These cloth diapers are certainly not our grandma's cloth diapers! They're super easy!

I recently ordered another cover and 5 more inserts for $36. This will probably do for a while and eventually I can get more especially before the winter when I will have to use my washer/dryer . But Considering my baby will use these until she is potty trained AND my next baby can use them as well.. the savings are huge! But not only that.. We make our children Eco-friendly, our landfills are full of diapers that in our lifetime and our children's lifetime will never go away... we need to be more earth conscious not for us but for our future generations.. I had my first child in disposables for 3 years.. I felt guilty having more children and having the same impact on the earth but it's never too late!

And if you don't feel like you can do it! Just try 1 cloth diaper a day! 1 a day throughout your child's diaper years can still make a HUGE difference!

Save Money,Save the Earth !

for this little chubby face and yours!

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  1. First your daughter is BEAUTIFL! Proud mama you are.... I'm new to your blog...and I'm going to be a new cloth diapering mama in Feb. In two weeks Ill be purchasing 20 dipes and going cold turkey with no disposables and I'm going to try the cloth wipes. I'm a new follower to your blog and going read your other post on cloth wipes ect... I'm very excited to have paid attention to my twitter moms and started reading blogs and watching cloth diaper videos. I'm sad I waited till now to cloth. My baby turned 1 Jan6th. However I have read a few few blogs and many tweets that some a lot of folks started at 12,15,18 months! I was like cool so I don't look crazy waiting so late. I really wish I had cloth her from the beginning since I am also new to breastfeeding. Were at 1yr. I FF my other 3 didn't give bf much of a thought. Thinking back when Muffin was born last year it was the start of cost to just get the diapers. And I didn't own a washer and dryer, and line drying were I live is not a fesable. However I set aside some money, check out some dipes, read the reviews and I'm ready to go. (Well in 2 weeks) I'm heading to read about the flip dipes and see what there about...maybe in a few months ill add them to my collecttion.



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