Sunday, August 29, 2010

Corporate America is raising children...

Pampers®, Gerber®, Similac®, Evenflo®, Huggies®, Enfamil®, Graco®....

If you're a parent you know these brands ..

If you get anything less than these brands you're doing a disservice to your baby right?

When I had my first daughter I certainly felt that way. I thought she deserved the "best". Well 4 yrs and another baby later I have realized that the Mommy is best!

Food Source: Mom
Diapers: Cloth
Stroller, bouncer, crib,: Mom

Raising an Eco friendly, healthy, secure child = Priceless!

Cheap doesn't always equal low quality.
OUR CHILDREN Should NOT be part of the "Gerber® Generation"

Why are these companies telling us their products are better and more convenient, they really aren't. How did we become so disconnected to primal and instinctual parenting. I am not saying if you buy those brands that you're a bad parent don't get me wrong I actually still have some of those things, and at times yes they are practical.

What I am saying is don't even beat yourself up if you can't afford brand names just know that you being there is enough. Also Give the smaller businesses a break!

buy used, recycle, resell.. there is nothing wrong with that ;)

And from now I pledge every baby shower I am going to, I will be providing some cloth diapers as a gift. And well of course cute baby clothes because everyone loves shopping for cute baby clothes :P

Don't raise a McBaby! Raise a MyBaby! <---- Corny I know ;)


  1. My theory is if you have kids make sure they can fit in.

    Now this doesn't mean they need the most expensive clothes. Just nice stuff to wear at school.

    Like you dont want your kid wearing hobo looking clothes in Kindergarten. The worst thing that can happen to anyone is being picked on.

    Luckily I only had 1 bad year. 7th Grade.

    As kids grow up though it becomes cool to shop at Good Will and look like a hobo. It's just those early years that I think it's important for them to fit in.

    I know if I ever had kids I would give up the guns and cars to do whats best for them. Not necessarily spoil them but just make sure they have nice things and they aeren't Oscar the Grouch living in a dumpster =)

  2. We are all about buying from consignment/2nd hand stores now that we are on #3 and have come to the realization that we are all living in consumer-ville. It makes me sick!! Materialism has become the American way and people are more worried about what they can buy instead of researching how to give birth naturally, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, etc. These are all things that I had no real knowledge of with my first 2 and now, I would never even think of going out and spending $200 on a new stroller when we can wear our baby in a wrap. We would never think about giving our baby formula now as we know breast is best. If a corporation can make money off of us, you better believe they will try. And they do not have our best interest in mind.
    This post was great!! We can so relate. The biggest change we've made so far on our journey is going to cloth diapers- that has been so rewarding and so much better for our baby and the planet! Definitely agree with you on so many levels here!



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