Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Different Parents, Different Methods....

Mainstream and Alternative Parenting.

Notice I did not use Mainstream vs Alternative parenting.... I have been around the block when it comes to parenting blogs, forums, meet up groups, pages, chat, videos and anything you can find on the web where people come together to exchange ideas, opinions and their own experiences on the parental roller coaster.

The camaraderie, the support, the information, the places to vent are there and offer great support when you find yourself about to be a first time mom and have no idea what to do and all you can go by are family and friends input which is uninvited half the time.

With the good also comes the ugly; the debates, guilt, finger pointing, shame, anger and division that comes with being on opposites sides of an issue like breastfeeding, baby wearing, circumcision, birth control, discipline, food, schooling etc.. etc ..etc...

Why is mainstream ....well.... mainstream and the rest is alternative?
DO we not want the alternative to be the norm? and why is it called alternative if it's healthy and natural?

There's so many questions and in reality the issues are so complex and it's not so black an white!
I have friends that mix it up, they breastfeed but use disposable diapers, or formula feed but they cloth diaper and other examples as well.... thing is we are all learning together some things just come more naturally to some than others.

I could go on and on about the complexities of parenting and the many gray areas but I'm going to get to the point.

I breastfeed, I cloth diaper, I home birthed, I baby wear, I co-sleep, I am not sure what to do with vax yet I am waiting... I am try to be gentle (most days) I have my bad days just like anyone else
but I also have a daughter whom I had in a hospital, I formula fed, I strolled her around, she sleeps in my room but in her own bed very opposite.

I have been on both sides of the story and I have felt at one point "Attacked" by people ... like the person I am now. I later understood that I made the decisions I first made the majority of the time for lack of information. I was not a bad parent nor do I think people that parent differently are bad..

I want to let my friends and family who have different ways of doing things that I am not trying to change their ways, I don't feel self righteous, nor am I judging them. I just want to provide information so that maybe someone will try different methods of doing things.. or not.

All and all it's for the benefit of our children.

I once disliked people like myself.. but at one point a light bulb went off and it was when I stopped thinking they were judging me that I became more open to their suggestions and though this was for me.

I hope this helps ... just wanted to say we are all different and it is when we accept that we are all different that we find we're really the same all along .. we want what is best.



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  1. Main Stream is just a blanket term.

    It's just a guidline for the simple minded. It's up to us to cross those boundaries and come up with whatever works for us in any aspect of life =)



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