Monday, August 30, 2010

Cloth Wipes are easy peasy clean up breezy!

As promised here's a segment on Cloth wipes.

Why Cloth wipes? well... the whole Eco-friendly natural parenting lifestyle has a ripple effect. Cloth diapers need Eco friendly laundry aides (I dislike calling them detergents since they don't have any) they need drying in the sun to eliminate stains thus using less energy and alas! They need cloth wipes.

Think about when you change a diaper. You wipe, you place a wipe inside the diaper and you dispose of it though in some places in Europe it is Illegal, and the World Health Organization is against it! why?

BECAUSE FECAL MATTER CARRIES DISEASE! you can read a nice article about that here.

I am guilty of doing it before and a lot of people are as well, the disposable diapers have instructions to flush the poop out first then dispose of the diaper... who does that? might as well be cloth diapering right? ;)

Back to cloth wipes though....

they're easy you can either make them yourself or buy them and you can do two methods

  • The wet method: you place cloth wipes in a container or wipe warmer and you make or buy a diaper solution which consists of oil, water, soap and some antibacterial agent.
Here's a great site with a recipe on making your own cloth diaper solution.

  • The Dry Method: You place the solution in an inexpensive spray bottle and spray your baby's bum and wipe or spray the cloth and then wipe.

The last one is my favorite because you don't have to deal with the wipes getting dry or musty.

You wipe excess poop from baby into the diaper and you flush that down the toilet, make sure you hold on to the diaper or you could loose it! then throw everything in a pail to either wash by hand or washing machine. And really I don't know if it's just me but my own kid's poop doesn't gross me out.. it's poop it comes with the territory!

Today I made a simple solution brewing chamomile and mixing it with water baby wash and baby oil. I will be experimenting with different solution as I go along to find the one I times right ;)

As for traveling this is my set up, simple and cheap! Hope this inspires you to try it out!
Would you like me to include some fancy cloth wipes made by myself for my next giveaway?

let me know! write to me on facebook!

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  1. Great post! I plain water squirted onto a washcloth from the peri bottle I used postpartum. The washcloths I like best are bamboo, a little softer line dried than cotton. Bamboo is also marketed as anti-microbial, but I don't know if that's true.



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