Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I am Habiba are you? A mother relates..

The quest is still on, we're still fighting for Habiba to regain  custody of Alma her 15 month old daughter. Our chant is that we are all Habiba.

And now with the release of the report made on her parenting I can say that really indeed we are all Habiba, at least a lot of us are.
I am guilty of all of the things that "flawed" her as a parent, things that should be considered wholesome, healthy, and in the child's best interest!

"The hours and type of food are chaotic" and " she uses breastfeeding as a pacifier and a toy, offering her breast any time the girl cries and letting her take it anywhere, no matter the time and context in which this happens (offices, corridors). "

When my daughter cries...

She gets boob....

When we're out...

She gets boob...

This is not dirty.. it's natural and I feel it is my duty as mother!

"She gives her the pureed food that is already prepared by the shelter, but also other solid foods that are inappropriate for her age (like the ones Habiba eats). Over the weekends when she needs to make the pureed fruit herself, more often she doesn’t and breastfeeds instead. "

My baby eats what I eat...

and when in doubt... I breastfeed!

"We attempted to regularize and limit breastfeeding times, but it did not seem possible, so the possibility of stopping breastfeeding was raised ...." "... she continued to breastfeed. She was given pacifiers, but she didn’t use them either

try telling that to a baby!!  "Sorry kid bureaucracy says you must stop nursies and you gotta suck on this plastic instead"

"She (Alma) does not have proper sleep patterns. From the first moment Habiba didn’t want the girl to sleep in her cot and she lies with her in her own bed. She uses the cot to drop off things and toys and on very rare occasions to leave the girl ... "

HA! this is how my baby went to sleep tonight..

And how she's been sleeping every night...

 Nap time? No crib for her!

"Habiba is very affectionate with Alma, uses physical contact and verbal expression as a means of communication. The child is constantly searching for visual reference from her mother and has been some anxious fear towards the separation. "

Everywhere I go... my baby is with me!  Why would I want her to become independent so young?

I consider my children, cared for, loved, nourished, respected...

Why has society strayed so much from this that it would even be deemed questionable?

So many children who NEED this type of parenting don't get it.. why would a mother be persecuted for this?




  1. It's SO true. We are ALL Habiba. I have to tell you I laughed out loud for real at the first pictures and captions. <3 you!

  2. OMG.. are you serious!! I am Habiba. My son co-slept until 11 months and I couldn't handle the propeller baby in my bed anymore. (it was also waking up to a the receiving end of a split lip and black eye that sealed it for me)
    Refused to give a pacifier.. My last two children refused to take the pacifier at all. My daughter would actually gag and cry when it was placed in her mouth. My son would spit it out and laugh at it. (ha ha you think I am a dummy.. why would I want a dummy boob)

  3. LOVE this post and all of the beautiful nursing photos! We are all Habiba, the reasonings given for removing baby Alma are just rediculous!

  4. I am Habiba too. Great post!

  5. This is what I am getting. "This mother is an amazing mother, mothering in a loving and natural way. The baby is happy, healthy, and getting wonderful treatment. She doesn't like to leave her mother and they are affectionate toward one another." Um, where's the problem????

  6. Your blog rocks, can't believe it's taken me so long to find it. I'm another home-birthing, hard-core breastfeeder etc etc, inglesa living in Argentina, and your post today inspired me. So I took the idea and ran with it
    Gracias y un beso!

  7. Amazing post. I too am Habiba, I just never realized how much! The thought that someone's baby should be taken because she's too loved and attended to is insane, at best!



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