Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2 weeks shy of halfway there...

So Lets talk about this little Booger..  #3  So far this pregnancy has been going fast, DD#1 has been super excited about it and I think this time I will have her at the birth, I am not dead set on it as I thought I was going to have her around while giving birth to DD#2 but the pain was so intense after a while that I just had to have someone take her away, I was worried she would be scared.  I think this time though she understands more, it has only been a year but it seems like she has matured more... perhaps the year made a difference or perhaps at that very moment she went from being the baby I had to protect to being the big sister.

DD#2 Is growing like a weed! She has a great personality, such a clown always trying to make us laugh! She loves being the center of attention. She is walking and talking a bit. Her favorite toy is a baby doll which she nurses. Which makes me sad as the milk is slowly disappearing but she still comfort nurses :)

BB#3 Well growing as well, we have an appt with the midwife later this week, it should be uneventful though. My last one was at 14 weeks, My Midwife could not hear a heartbeat so we went for a sonogram turns out placenta was anterior.. (no biggie just means it was in the way) and we found out the gender!  Yep We found out already... We told everyone we weren't  finding out but it was a lie.. we were going to find out at the first chance.  SO we have known for the past month what BB#3 is but we're not telling! haha! Well at least not to everyone, we have told some people,  Why did we do this?

Simple.. I get annoyed easily by people's insensitive comments. If We were to have a girl I don't want to hear "Poor hubby" or  Better luck next time.. or 3 girls wow!  F' that If I am to have another girl I want to hear the same.. congrats! yaay! and that's it!

If I were to have a boy I don't want to hear.. "oh finally you get a boy" or Yaay now you have each gender, or are you finally done?  F' that too! If I were to have a boy I want to hear Congrats!  yaay! and that's it! I don't want people making a big deal because of a boy.

So either way it'd be equally annoying.. I'd rather announce yaay here's BB#3 and it's a .....!  Yaay!  

And there is just something so wickedly  cool about knowing and having it be a secret :)

So far Homebirth #2 is still the plan!  I can't wait for this baby to get here! :)


  1. woohoo congrats you having a BABY! You'z a winner!

  2. Haha.. poking fun there miss Atina?

  3. I KNOW!!! Muhahaha. And I will never tell.

    Cant wait to meet you my little seamonkey.

  4. And seriously, how are you 18 weeks!? FLYYYYYYING by!

  5. Congrats!! I know what it's like to lose your milk, sometimes they will self-wean but sometimes they'll continue with just comfort nursing and then tandem! Good luck with the journey, tandeming is a great bonding experience for siblings. =) By the way, a little trick that helped me make more milk when pregnant was drinking malt flavor Ovaltine. Sounds weird, but I swear it works.

  6. See, I'm such a miser, my comment would be along the lines of "oh, good, did you save lots of clothes?" or "oh, mama, now you gotta go buy lots of boy clothes, and by the way (as a mom of two boys) let me tell you, it's not as much fun shopping for boy clothes!" hahaha! But honestly, thank God I have a bajillion neices. :) You did get me thinking as my bil & sil are about to have a boy (#5, first 4 are girls) - what DID I say?

    You're having a baby! Congrats! YAY!



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