Thursday, September 23, 2010

You know you're addicted to cloth diapers when...

I confess I'm addicted to cloth diapers! and I love preaching about them.. and I know I'm not the only one. I'm compiling a list of symptoms.. we fluff-aholics need help! ...

You know you're a fluff-aholic when ...

You sign up for ever single cloth diaper giveaway you can find, so you can grow your stash! which brings me to...

You actually call your diapers your "stash"

You get excited when the mailman drops off a nice packet and you know fresh diapers are in there!

You know what AiO, Ai2,CD,PF,CPF,IPF, OC, OS, means and if you CW maybe you know about TTO? lol....

You have justified buying so many to yourself or your DH by knowing you can re-sell for almost the same price! but deep down inside you know you couldn't ever part with them.

You are obsessed with stain removal and laundry!

You proudly take your baby to their well baby visits with their best diaper on and get excited when they tell you to undress him/her down to their diaper ;)

You instantly bond with other CD'ing mommas.

You agree with the phrase "Real men change cloth diapers"

When winter comes you get sad that you have to put clothes on your little one and hide the cute diaper designs.

You proudly change your baby's diaper at public changing stations hoping someone asks about the cold diaper your baby's sporting!

You are happy when your baby finally potty trains but sad you have to put away your cute diapers.

Ok those are some I could think off... any of you have more?? :)


  1. Awesome blog! So true, yet so funny!!!

  2. I think you just about covered it for me haha. And how dis I miss this blog? Did you post it on your FB page? I totally missed it if so. I was about to message you to ask why you hadn't blogged in awhile haha.

  3. How about this (and yes, I do this all the time):

    You constantly look at other babies bottoms hoping to see a CD sticking out! If you do you jump for joy and quickly intorduce yourself to said baby's mom or dad.

  4. LOVE THIS!!! So cute and true!

  5. Ok I'm a stat nerd and you must have done reading. Give me the crazy stat on diapers. How many pounds How many 10 story buildings how many diapers are thrown away everyday etc.

    What is the crazy stat! Give me one!

  6. You know you're a cloth addict when you're shopping for yourself and you think, "Oooo.... That would make a nice diaper!" I have so many beautiful custom mades and I can't stop getting new ones made!

    We have one or two for all the holidays, but we use them year round 'cause they are just to darn cute! :)



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