Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Forwards Strollers are scary....

I never thought about it... how a stroll ride could look in the eyes of a small child, especially a long one.
At one point I considered strollers as a great way for baby to get fresh air and yes they are but ideally during a long walk a baby should be worn safe in mommy/daddy's arms, hips, back.. or facing the pusher where baby can see familiar faces and be reassured.

I currently wear my baby or when necessary I stroll her with the car seat attached so that she may face me.I talk to her comfort her and make silly faces along the ride, I love seeing her reactions to the world.

I just saw this video produced by Norland College (Bath, England) it's a 10 minute video of a forward facing "buggie" a.ka a stroller ride through the eyes of a child.

You may think oh what a drag a 10 minute video, however think of how 10 minutes to a baby being pushed alone in a strange world could feel like.. pretty scary huh?

The article in the U.K's National literacy trust website suggests watching for the following in the video.

0:20 - the buggy is squeezed between two parked cars
- 0:56 - a crowd of
people jostle past the buggy
- 1:43 - while waiting to cross the road, a 4x4
vehicle comes dangerously close to the baby
- 2:26 - automatic doors almost
swing into the buggy as they open
- 8:20 - the buggy steers between a forest
of legs
- 9:16 - as mum chats to the cashier, the buggy is abandoned down

Norland College buggy ride from National Literacy Trust on Vimeo.

I know if I need the stroller I will keep her in it as long as possible on the car seat so she may face me.. But whenever possible wearing you baby is one of the most loving things you can do with them.

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  1. Wow, I can honestly say that this is a very unique post and i love it. I have a baby coming in Feb (my first) and this will definitely make me buy a stroller where the baby faces me.



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