Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Toddler Formula marketing, what the %$%$?

The mail arrived... bills, junk mail, coupons.. and a new issue of one of those free parenting magazines, usually they go straight into the recycling bin because just like when watching "A Baby Story" on TLC , rarely is it helpful and often it is unnerving.

I was bored however and decided to flip through it.. oh yaay another Gerber ad, (glad my baby is not part of that generation!) ...ooh the newest stroller, (yaay I like my sling better!). The newest baby trends (Blech!) and then this... (You know the infamous chocolate formula but not chocolate anymore)

On the website it states:

"When your toddler is transitioning to new foods, ensuring complete nutrition can become more of a challenge. That's why we created Enfagrow PREMIUM Toddler, to help make sure he gets the nutrients he still needs — even after he outgrows infant formula"

See I've been on the other side of the coin, I formula fed my first and I remember the shock I got, to learn that WIC would be cutting us off from formula right at 12 months! I bought more formula and slowly "weaned" her off it and onto whole milk.. (boy I had no clue back then) I guess back then I would have felt relieved a thing such as this was available.

What bugs me is the fact that nowhere on that particular page does it have a disclaimer suggesting that breast milk is STILL best.. the other formulas they have marketed towards infants do! Can anyone tell me why they're off the hook on doing so, with toddler formula?) I guess they believe like many others that at 12 months you HAVE to wean a child. A better statement would have been:

"When your toddler is transitioning to new foods, ensuring complete nutrition can become more of a challenge. That's why your body still produces perfectly customized milk to help make sure he gets the nutrients he still needs"

on a page from Kellymom.com about extended breastfeeding (tough I feel the use of the word "extended" about something normal is arguable) there are many resources quoted including this one!

•In the second year (12-23 months), 448 ml of breast milk provides:
◦29% of energy requirements
◦43% of protein requirements
◦36% of calcium requirements
◦75% of vitamin A requirements
◦76% of folate requirements
◦94% of vitamin B12 requirements
◦60% of vitamin C requirements
-- Dewey 2001

There are many informative videos and resources out there! Even the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding until at least 2!.

I sure do wish I had the money to buy advertising on magazines in order to "sell" "toddler breast milk".

As one mom's review on the Enfamil site stated:

"Easy on the go!
Just scoop some in a container, bring a baby bottle or cup of measured water and you're ready to quench your toddler's thirst when you are out and milk is not available (mall, beach, etc.)"

Maybe someone could reply to my fantasy ad campaign,

"Easy on the go!
Just put your toddler to the breast to quench his thirst when you're out and milk is not available (mall, beach, etc)"

Now which one seems easier?

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  1. When I first saw this, I thought it was a joke. Once I realized it wasn't, my first thought was "miracle grow for kids?" Seriously ridiculous. Maybe they are seeing that breastfeeding moms are spreading the facts about babies needing mom's milk longer than one year and feel the need to keep up.
    They used to get away with this whole nutrition thing. Now it won't be long until people start realizing everything they do is just Corporate America trying to make another buck.
    I think they fit in perfectly with the sugar filled junk and fast food restaurants marketed toward kids and busy moms who don't know anything other than to thrive for the corporate's idea of convenience.



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