Friday, July 29, 2011

Breast milk... The Original Soul food!

I never knew.. That one of the things I would consider to be of immense beauty was nursing a toddler.
I never knew it was in the cards for me to nurse a 16 month old while 7 months pregnant.
I never knew that I would want to keep nursing past a year..
I never knew that sometimes I would hate it but the thought of weaning makes me as anxious as it makes my daughter.
I never knew I would want to take so many pictures of my daughter nursing because I'm trying to capture the tenderness and beauty behind the eyes that look up at me while we sit together.
I never knew nursing a toddler though challenging is way more awesome than nursing a floppy newborn lol..

I now know...

It makes me angry that the nursing relationship with my first daughter was sabotaged from day one..  It makes me more adamant to get information out there to anyone I know that is pregnant..  I don't mean being pushy.. I just want you to know how awesome this is.. I wouldn't want anyone who means to breastfeed to miss this because outside sources are doing everything possible to sabotage women and their efforts. Sounds extreme but it's true.

Sometimes it's hard sure...  My little chubster comes up to me (She's actually up on my lap as of right now coincidentally asking for Bah bah? as she calls it tugging on my shirt)  and here she is  I had to take a pic of course... notice the growing belly lol and blogger on my laptop tee hee Boppy's hold laptops pretty well.

Sometimes she comes up to me at times where I don't feel like it but she quickly reminds me how I can't stand the sad baby face and I let her.. and I quickly melt. Other days it makes my skin crawl.. but  then I see this..

and it makes it all worth while..

Nursing her is a joy, a gift and something I don't think anyone but another nursing mother could understand.. so if you don't understand.. don't try.. and keep comments like are you still nursing? When are you going to  wean? you are spoiling your child!  to yourself.. this is not about you.. not about me.. it's about taking advantage of a great gift we were given.. our brains! We are mammals, we have breasts to feed our young but we also have brains that tell us this is more than nutrition.. this is comfort, bonding, the original Soul food!

People do many things in the world that are bad and hurtful to other people.. breastfeeding is not one of them..  you know the commercial "I'd like to buy the world a coke"  Well... I'd like for every baby out there to get some mommy milk!  I can't buy it.. I can't force it.. but I can try to facilitate it.

So Lactivists! Keep fighting the good fight!  I have mentioned it before and it was a lactivist that helped me get where I am today in the breastfeeding journey.. so keep doing your thing!

Get some babies their soul food!

One mom in awe of the beauty that is nursing.
and one happy baby in awe of how good mommy can make her feel instantly.


  1. I am currently nursing my 21 month old and am 6 weeks pregnant today. Did you struggle in the first trimester with nipple soreness at all? How did you handle it, if you did?

  2. Rockin Momma says she can't comment on her blog, so I am re-posting FOR her from FB: "Yes I experienced pain in the beginning it felt like sandpaper! I just kind stuck it out and eventually around halfway through the second trimester it went away :)"

  3. I love this post, too! Brings back so many wonderful memories. I nursed my firstborn for 3 years. When he was 10 months old, I got pregnant again. I tandem nursed until the oldest weaned himself, but kept nursing my second born while pregnant with my third. I developed gallstones when pregnant that time and I think that my restricted diet (along with the pregnancy) changed the taste of my milk. My second child weaned herself at 22 months, just before her sister was born. I had 2 months where I didn't nurse anyone and it was so strange! But we started again when my youngest was born. She nursed for just over 3 years and probably would've gone forever, but I finally felt worn out by the almost 7 straight years of nursing. I still feel so bonded to all three of my children--that decision to nurse exclusively and extensively is one of the most difficult and yet most rewarding decisions I've ever made. Keep nursing and loving those smiling eyes. It is so worth it!

  4. I love that picture of her with her head laid on your belly, nursing. She probably gets to hear your baby swimming around and kicking! How fantastic for her, what an experience. Seriously, that makes me so so happy. Is that weird? Haha.

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