Saturday, May 12, 2012

another lame blog about the stupid time's article.. nah!

Had the title been a marathon runner and it said... are you Strong enough?  would it had gotten the same backlash? My husband today made a good point..  "it provocatively calls for are you willing to take on this challenge? "  See not everyone is willing to and some can't run a marathon..  but do we censor  ESPN for it? umm. no!!   I for one love the pic, love the provocative nature of it too!  :P  Mommy guilt is a bitch!


  1. Word. Glad I'm not the only one. I like the cover, I like that it's provocative. Still proudly nursing my toddler so, yeah, I totally AM mom enough.

    Funny how encouraging moms to feed their babies organic or cut back on TV is fine but talk about breastfeeding and suddenly it's shaming and trying to make moms feel bad. Most moms are good moms but it's really stupid to say that some aren't better than others. It's like anything else. Studies show some practices to be better for children, hence some mothering techniques are preferable to others. The idea that there are no "bad moms" is especially stupid to me. That mom on the Time cover is a better parent than the moms on Toddlers & Tiaras, the end.

  2. As an AP parent, I NEVER think I'm better than anyone else. Never. I am the last person to judge how someone does something.

    I think the people that bombard others with criticism over something should take the time to look at what THEY need to do in THEIR lives to be satisfied instead of feeling the need to attack those who do things differently.



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